Between the geometrically structured monumental form and the monolithic one, figuring simplified anthropomorphic elements, with symbolical meaning, Liviu-Adrian Sandu’s sculpture evolves in an experimental search of his own identity. More recently, the sculptor became dedicated to portrait, being interested in the diversity of the expressions of the human complexion; the 2001 Emotions, Expressions, Physiognomies exhibition, realized in terracotta, highlighted the artist’s preference for investigating the range of experiences, from the smile to more dramatic expressions, using virtuously the moulding technique. The works in this suite 
indicate a definite option for the realist vision and for using with predilection the expressive detail that can define a character. His activity as a sculptor is completed by the one as a teacher at the "Dimitrie Cuclin" Arts High School from Galaţi.

Mariana Tomozei Cocoş (2014)