From the generation of Romanian sculptors trained in the eight decade of the twentieth century, Carmen Tepşan distinguishes herself in the art world, on one hand, with an impressive artistic activity, and, on the other hand, as a regular in the Romanian and foreign camps and symposia. With a clear / an obvious calling for large scale works, of which monumental traits she skilfully possesses and visually imposes, the artist is the creator of a personal field of perfectly balanced forms, of revealing 
symmetries, of suggestions drawn from nature or culture and converted into stone or wood.
         The largeness / massiveness of Carmen Tepşan’s works is diluted by the clever game between fullness and emptiness, between horizontals and verticals, between curves and right angles. In the same manner, the static sensation is driven away through an inner dynamism of the forms, resulted of some ingenious / innovative connexions that the artist handles with a great deal of dexterity.
          As a cerebral artist, with a well rehearsed sense of the balanced proportions, Carmen Tepşan places her sculpture somewhere on the sometimes fragile border between figurative and non-figurative, a type of sculpture that enters a tangible dialogue with space, which she conquers and subordinates.

Luiza Barcan (2014)