MARCU, Mihai jr.


(+40) 724 279 363 
(40.1) 231.61.27 


București, str. Emil Pangraatti nr.27, sect.1




    ( București, 1967)
    Academic studies:
    1995 - Graduated from the Fine Arts University (Paul Vasilescu's class)
    Since 1995 he has been a member of the Fine Arts Union of Romania.

    Professional activity:
    Teacher of sculpture at Music and Plastic Arts no. 5, Bucharest,


    Group exhibitions:
    1995-2011 - Small Object Plastic, Bucharest;
    1996 - Municipality Exhibition, Bucharest;
    1997 - Group Exhibition, at Latin America' s House, Bucharest;
    1997 - Romanian Sculptors in Beirut, Lebanon;
    1997 - Colored Shapes, Bucharest;
    1997 - Nicolae Tonitza's Anniversary Exhibition, Bucharest;
    1998 - Art Symposium, Piatra Neamt, Romania;
    1999 - Contemporary Romanian Sculptors, Athens, Greece;
    1999 Group Exhibition, Orizont Galleries, Bucharest;
    1999 Group Exhibition - C.E.C. , Bucharest;
    2000 Group Exhibition Lebada Hotel, Bucharest;
    2000 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Romanian Parliament, Bucharest;
    2001 International Symposium, Pitesti - Romania;
    2001 Municipality National Art Exhibition, Bucharest;
    2002: Group Exhibition, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest;
    2003: Municipality Art Exhibition, Bucharest;
    2004: Municipality Art Exhibition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2005: Group Exhibition, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest;
    2006: Group Exhibition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2007: Municipality Art Exhibition, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2008: Art Symposium, Ostrov, Romania;
    2009: Art Symposium, Ostrov, Romania;
    2010: Sculpture and Graphics Group Exhibition, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest;
    2011: Municipality Art Exhibition, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest.
    Museums and private collections:
    Works of sculpture in private collections (Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra, England, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, United States of America, Lebanon).