The spirit of Ladea’s art has been decisive for Barbu’s work, but the latter’s talent is revealed especially through his stone sculpture. The rigorously defined shapes have classic symmetries, and the meeting of surfaces on various plans generates curves that lack any ostentation in their gracious purity and their elegant inflexion. Cutting the stone, the hammer and the chisel leave imprints of various depths - also ordered compositionally - whose meeting with the rays of light creates a play of plastic effects communicating directly and that display the sculptor’s vision. (Mircea Ţoca).

Alexandra Rus



    (Arad, 1937 - Cluj-Napoca, 1992)

    Academic studies:
    1957 - 1963 - "Ion Andreescu" Institute of Fine Arts, Cluj-Napoca.

    Professional activity:
    Professor - Sculpture Department, "Romulus Ladea" Art High-school, Cluj-Napoca.

    Member of the Romanian Fine Arts Union


    Solo exhibition*:
    1985 - 1988 - Cluj-Napoca;
    1993 - Bistrița Năsăud;
    1994 - Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary;
    1997 - Retrospective Synthesis, National Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca;
    1998 - Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary;
    1999 - Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris, France.

    Group exhibitions (selection):
    from 1963 - takes part in regional and county exhibitions in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest;
    1988 - Toronto, Canada;
    1989 - Berlin, Germany;
    1990 - Brussels, Belgium;
    1994 - Budapest, Hungary.

    Monumental works:
    70s - Alecu Russo, Dej, Cluj;
           - George Coşbuc, Ştefan Luchian, Alexandru Vlahuţă, busts, in schools from Cluj-Napoca;
           - Column in history - Mihai Viteazul, RadioTv Studio, Cluj-Napoca;
           - Avram Iancu, State Archives, Cluj-Napoca;
           - Mountain Goat, Policlinica II, Cluj-Napoca;
           - Petru Rareş, Silversmith's House, Bistiţa Năsăud;
    80s - Victor Babeş, University "Babeş-Bolyai", Cluj-Napoca;
           - The sun’s dogs - Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary;
           - Elegy - County Museum, Bistriţa Năsăud.

    1969 - Prize awarded by Professor’s Union for the bust Ştefan Luchian;
    1979 - Prize of "Tribuna" magazine for the composition Signs For a Quiet Valley, Cluj-Napoca.


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