IONIŢĂ, Adrian 


0727. 000. 162


Strada Joseph Preyer, nr. 26, Timișoara, Timiș, România




        Driven by an endemic curiosity, Ionita opens some well-locked doors towards the abisal abyssal sanctum part/area of our consciousness. A territory ignored by many and, out of fear of being discovered in their naked sense of worthlessness, deliberately avoided by others. At first glance, his works are a kind of game or even funny toys, depicting the fancy of a witty, playful man – but behind their appearance hides a message that talks about our social and existential drama in a world parading a false sense of self-worth, undermined by the impossibility of communication, feelings of confinement, uncertain identity, failure and the awareness of man’s littleness. Ionita oscillates between playful and scholarly academic observations including in his compositions common objects, selected from the inventory of daily life. He becomes a parabolizer creator of parables, and illustrator of some wise words or popular quotations that get tangibility in his hands. “Zero-Half-Cut“ is an example use to realise a literally translation in form of a say about the gut-level feeling of hollow emptiness in the heart of human beings bereft of spiritual centers.
Adrian-Silvan Ionescu (in the daily financial newspaper "Ziarul Financiar", September 19, 2013)



    (Timișoara, 1952; in 1985 he emigrates în USA and settles down in Chicago, in 1991 he becomes an American citizen, and in 2010 he repatriates himself back to Romania)

    Academic studies:
    1976 - "Nicolae Grigorescu" Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department, with professors Geta Caragiu and Ion Irimescu, Bucharest.

    Grants and Scholarships:
    1990 - 1991 - Artist in Residence, The School of the Art Institute, Chicago.

    1986 - 2007 - he rehabilitates numerous buildings and facades of buldings from American patrimony.

    Since 2002 - Member of Romanian Fine Arts Union


    Solo Exhibitions:
    2013 - The Cat Box, Bucharest Municipal Museum, Romania.

    Group Exhibitions
    1976 - The Cultural Centre from Slobozia, Romania;
    1979 - "Ion Vasilescu" Theatre, Bucharest, Romania;
    1980 - 1983 - The Annual Timiș County Salon, "Bastion" Gallery, Timișoara, Romania;
    1981 - "Helios" Gallery, Timișoara, Romania;
             - The National Art Salon, "Dalles" Hall, Bucharest, Romania;
    1982 - Gera, Germany;
    1983 - Atelier 35 Exhibition, Romanian Fine Arts Union Gallery, Timișoara, Romania;
             - Idea, "Bastion" Gallery, Timișoara, Romania;
    1985 - "Dalles" Hall, Bucharest, Romania;
             - Ex-Tempore, Obalne Gallery, Piran, Slovenia;
    1993 - Art, Music and Life, co-producer together with Open Stage International, Chicago, USA;
    1994 - Chicago International Art Show, First Gallery, Chicago, USA;
    1996 - Shchabli Art Exhibition, Ukrainean Cultural Center, Chicago, USA;
    1998 - The Placebo Effect, Luciano Sabre, Chicago, SUA;
    2002 - Around the Coyote Art Festival, Chicago, USA;
    2004 - "Orizont" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    2011 - Poparad - Oravitzan House, Timişoara, România;
    2012 - Tristesia - Paraphernalia - Memorabilia, international exhibition organised by Arthouse Gărâna Association, "Triade" Gallery, Timișoara, România (rerun of 2012 Gărâna Exhibition realised at The International Creation Symposium by artist and curator Elisabeth Ochsenfeld; other participant artists: Rithika Merchant, Elisabeth Ochsenfeld, Roger Colombik, Leila Modaresi, Costin Brăteanu, Camil Mihăescu, Renée Renard);

               - Peisaj Timişorean, "Rubin" Foundation, Timişoara, Romania;
    2013 - EST ÉTHIQUE, Gare Cultural Center, Méricourt (Pas-de-Calais), France.

    1976 - National Sculpture Symposium "Măgura Buzăului", Buzău, Romania;
    1983 - National Sculpture Symposium "Deta", Deta Timiș, Romania;
    1984 - National Sculpture Symposium from Timişoara, Romania;
    1985 - International Sculpture Symposium „Forma Viva”, Slovenia.
    Monumental Sculpture:
    1984 - Perna (stone taken from Viştea), Timişoara, România.

    * Group Exhibitions: 1974 - Sibiu, România; 1976 - Buzău, România; 1983 - Arad, România.



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