Most of the times carved in sandstone or in stone, Alexandru Badea's sculptural forms become monumental sculptures. Under these circumstances, the ornamental and narrative details are gradually reduced and replaced with simple, large volumes, able to maintain by themselves either an expressive or a symbolic programme. Sometimes the artist prefers large, round sculptures, and some other times, usually when he carves in wood, he prefers to preserve the amorphous areas, untouched by the chisel, which emphasise the appearance of geometrical markers.



    (Bucharest, 1964)

    Academic Studies:
    1984 – 1989: “Nicolae Grigorescu” Fine Arts Institute, Bucharest
    Member of Romanian Fine Arts Union
    Member of Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques
    Member of the Federation of Cartoonists Orgaizations, FECO


    Group Exhibitions (selection)*:
    1989: Decorative Arts Quadriennal, BucharestQuadrienala Artelor Decorative, București;
             - Municipal Salon, The National Museum, Bucharest
    1990 – Exhibition of the Young, ¾ Floor Gallery, Bucharest National Theatre
    1991 – Fine Arts Salon, Bucharest National Theatre
    1991, 1992, 1998 – “Hurryet Vakei” Satire International Conquest, Istanbul, Turcia;
    1992, 1996, 1997 – Inner Essay, Satu Mare District Museum
    1992, 1993 – The National Art Salon, ¾ Floor Gallery, Bucharest National Theatre
    1994 – Art Salon, Satu Mare National Museum
    1997 - Triennale, Satu Mare Art Museum
    1998 – Retrospective  Exhibition, Satu Mare Art Museum
    1999 – Fine Arts Biennale, Bucharest
    1999 - Cartoon Fest '99, Călărasi (special prize);
             - Moldavian Salons, Bacau, Chisinau
    1999 – International Biennale Graphic Salon, Arad
    2000 – “Ion Andreescu” Biennale, Buzău;
             - Art 2000, Bucharest;
             - Contemporary Art Salon, Bucharest
             - Cartoon Fest 2000, Călărasi;
             - Decorative Art Exhibition, Cotroceni, Bucharest
    1998 – International Symposium of Ceramics, Constanta, Mamaia
    1999 – International Sculpture and Painting Camp, Alba
    *other exhibitions: 1995 (Arad and Satu Mare), 1996 (Satu Mare, Bucharest, Bârlad), 1997, 1998 (Bucharest), 2001 (Bucharest)


    Fundația Culturală META, Un secol de sculptură românească. Dicționar. A - D, Editura META, București, 2001;

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