(Banica, Transylvania, 1907 - Zurich, Switzerland, 1965 is established in Zurich as a fashion designer)

    Academic studies:
    1924 - 1927 - School of Architecture and the School of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary.

    Professional Experience:
    Carpenter and firms painter.
    Industrial Designer in Paris, France.
    Fashion Designer, Zürich, Switzerland.


    Solo exhibitions:
    1967 - Lorenzelli Gallery, Bergamo, Italy;
    1972 - Milan, Italy.

    Group exhibitions *:
    1955 - Galleria del Millone, Milan, Italy;
             - Galleria del'Obelisco, Roma, Italy;
    1964 - Dante Alghieri Art Biennale, Venice, Italy;
             - Swiss Exhibition at Sala Dalles (along with Giacometti, Corbusier, etc.), Bucharest;
    1965 - Galleria del Naviglio, Milan, Italy;
    1966 - Retrospective Exhibition, National Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France.

    monumental work:
    1958 - Formations (iron);
             - Tension (red brass);
    1963 - Metal Magic.

    1964 - Grand Prize in the Venice Biennale (edition number XXXII), Italy.

    * also exhibited in: Liege, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Paris, New York, Caracas, São Paulo, Osaka, Tokyo, Taipei.


    Deac, Mircea, Sculptura în România. Secolele XIX-XX, Editura Medro, București, 2005, pp. 112 - 113.

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