EPURE, (Sherban) Șerban


        After looking for a voice in abstract picturals, at the beginning of the 1970 Şerban Epure formulates the theory of S bands in which he tests the applicability of cybernetics in the aesthetic field. With a professional discourse, Epure is one of the promoters of cybernetic theories in the Romanian artistic space. Primary formal units, S bands are the results of the rigorous systematisation of the representation according to mathematic laws predetermined to govern the visual possibilities of these bi-three-dimensional mathematical projections: “S bands are structures (mathematical and realisable) formed from rectangular figures, having an articulated side and a diagonal”. With the basic mode exposed to permutations, combinations and successive dimensional metamorphoses, the S band may generate a series of plastic structures of monumental works of art up to children’s game, publicity signalling, design. The theoretical preoccupations of Epure are connected to the image’s self-referentiality the mechanisms of functioning are a reflex of the formalist, neo-constructivist tendency in the Romanian art of the 1970 (Mihai Olos, Doru Covrig, Adina Caloenescu, Kancsura István), but also of the visual researches triggered by the new media and the first artistic experiments on the computer (with Florin Maxa and Mihai Jalobeanu).

Mica Gherghescu



    (Bucharest, 1940; since 1980 he moves to New York, USA)

    Academic studies:
      - Institute Polytechnic, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Bucharest;
      - „I.Rangheţ” Institute of Radio and Television, Bucharest;
      - free studies of painting with C. C. Constantinescu and H. H. Catargi;
      - studies at School of Visual Arts, New York. Participant in the group at Poiana Mărului.


    Solo exhibitions:
    1967 – Plastic Artists Union, Bucharest;
    1968 - 1969 – Athenaeum of Youth, Bucharest;
    1970 – Amfora Gallery, Bucharest;
    1974 – Painting and cybernetics, New Gallery, Bucharest;
    1976 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    1985 - 5 paper sculptures, Tiffanz, New York, USA;
    1987 - 1992 - Pepsico Corporate Headquarters;
    1993 - Virginia Centre for Creative Arts, USA;
    1994 - Delfina Studios, London, Great Britain;
    1996 - Silicon Gallery, Philadelphia, USA;
    2000 - Etensitz Headquarters, New York, USA;
    2009 - S-Bands, New York Digital Salon, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA.

    Group exhibitions*:
    1968 – Amfora Gallery, Bucharest;
    1971 – International Biennale of young artists, Paris (ed. 7), France;
             - Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland;
    1972 - Drawing, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    1973 - Workshop 35, Bucharest;
             - New Gallery, Bucharest;
             - The contemporary artist and his universe, Museum of Art Galaţi;
             - International Biennale of Young Artist, Paris (ed. 8), France;
             - Festival Sigma (ed. 9), Bordeaux, France;
    1975 – The body, Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest;
    1976 – Art and nature, New Gallery, Bucharest;
    1982 - MoMA, New York, USA;
    1988 - Imagine, The Computer Museum, Boston, USA;
    1989 - Imagine Tokyo ’89, Tokyo, Japan;
    1990 - The Hard Copy, Grove Gallery, University of San Diego, USA;
    1992 - Computer for Artists, New York, USA;
    1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 - New York Digital Salon, USA;
    1996 - IN and OUT of THE BOX, Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art, Philadelphia, USA;
    1998 - Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain;
    2004 - The Millenium Dialogue, the First Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium, Millenium Art Museum Beijing, China;
            - Schick Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs, New York, USA;
    2005 - 2007 - Siggraph Travelling Art Show;
    2008 - Imaging by Numbers. A historical view of the Computer Print, The Mary & Leigh Block Museum;
    2013 – Schhool at Poiana Mărului, Museum of Art, Brașov.

    2005 - Siggraph, the 32nd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA;
    2006 - Siggraph, the 33rd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, the Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

    1971 – Prize  by the Plastic Artists Union for youth, Bucharest;
    1973 - Prize Platres, Cyprus;
    1994 – Special prize „Ionel Jianou” for development in creative arts, Romanian-American Academy.

    * he also exhibited in: 1969 - Köln (Germany) and Torino (Italy); 1970 - Torino (Italy), Tel Aviv (Jerusalem) and Beirut (Lebam); 1974 - Novi Sad, Serbia; 2000 - Madrid, Valladolid, Málaga, Spain; 2001 - Madrid, Valladolid, Gijón, Malaga; 2007 - Hong Kong, China.
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