ARĂMESCU, Constantin-Emil (Ticu)


        After several study trips he made across the European and American Cultural Centres, in 1959 he settles down in Miami and lays out his own studio. He starts working on the "electronic sculptures" series, which he realises through combining electronic pieces or "organs" of cars, in the spirit of Pop Art, very popular art movement at that time. Gradually, he becomes interested in other "ready-made" objects (the wood and the iron of some ships wrecked on the Coast of Florida at some point). In 1964 - 1965 he creates a series of "sculpture constructions", using the same technique he used before, the assemblage technique. The artistic process Constatin Arămescu appeals to is the mounting of "ready-made" objects borrowed by the artist from his personal deposit of electronic pieces or found on the Florida beaches. The merging between the forms of the new modern world and the relics of boats shipwrecked centuries ago leads to combinations / associations characterised by charm and mystery. But the "archive" stored by the beaches and the imperative expressions of the new technology does not seem to the artist sufficient enough to assert his personal thoughts and feelings related to time and history. Under these circumstances, the sculptor extracts / selects from Romanian artistic heritage (dowry), that he empathises with, a series of images he uses and reinterprets into a new discourse. Mainly the archaic culture and the folklore seem to the artist to contain most of the formal suggestion he considers useful to his individual system of signs. Dacian columns, roadside crosses, icons, the structures of the churches, even his tools, all of them permeate his compositions and set an area of moral and philosophical interest where the artist is hopeful. Is not only a permanent and constant exercise of "reminding", but also the way he feels he can face the unpredictable, superficiality, and the instability of society modernity once he has reached the safe territory of traditions.




    (Galați, 1914 - Miami, Florida, 1966)

    Higher Education:
    1933 - 1938 - Law University, Bucharest;
    1954 - Radio National Institute’s courses;
    1955 - Master in Fine Arts, The American University, Washington, USA.
    Professional Activity:
    1950 - 1957 - Congresses Library Counsellor, Washington D.C., USA. 


    Solo Exhibitions:

    1962 - Palm Beach;
    1968 - 1969 - Galați;
                        - Iași;
                        - Cluj-Napoca.

    Group Exhibitions (selection):
    1961 - Art Festival, Miami;
    1962, 1963 - with Georgeta Arămescu, Miami;
    1964 - Miami, Woodstock.;
    1965 - with Nelly O’Brien, Miami;
    1977 - Iași.


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