GRAUR, Teodor



        He debuted with painting, but very quickly he developed his explorations towards other media  (photography, performance, object, installation, ambient). An important representative of the 80s generation, he took on themes with a transparent allusion to the realities and especially the propaganda strategies of the socialist era. His reference to the slogans and ideals that are the basis for the construction of the “new man” (as sportive performance), in coherence with the productive and rhythmic emulation of the quinquennials, as well as the tentative to extract oneself from the system, by escape and emigration, announce the incisive and acute spirit of rhetoric in the 9th decade of the 20th century, as well as the aim and the instrument of this parody.  In the 10th decade he continues his program of demounting the operability of the symbols and models of the revolute regime by over-using its presence in various materials and situations, like the five corner star (the cycle Star) or the efficient poverty of the socialist enterprises (the works exhibited at the Simeza Gallery in Bucharest, 1991). The parodist incrimination of the “golden age” continues (the installation Political mirage, I Totemi Gallery, Venice, 2012), referring to the political hierarchies of the totalitarian regimes in the last decades. The obsessive theme of post-revolutionary Romania and its indefinite transition towards a democracy without clear and integrated principles – mass unemployment, source of social degradation, the beggary, the emigration as life project, the will to define oneself locally – are all used in actions with students (Alimony for art/art for alimony, similar to the political performance, or the installation Romanians are sedentary navigators, made from newspaper fragments build in mimetic reductionist shapes and, in the next decade, a complex cycle dedicated to the “Balkan man”. His most recent interests are defined by the polemic integration of the Duchamp programme and by a project of economic efficiency of the art object, situated in the post-production perspective and again, the inner parody of the object in the areal of design, seen as an open concept.



     (Pogăceaua, Mureș, 1953)
    Academic studies:
    1978 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, Bucharest.
    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania
    Member of the International Association of the Plastic Artists, UNESCO


    Solo exhibitions (selection):
    1983 - Workshop 35 Gallery, Bucharest;
    1985 - Workshop 35 Gallery, Bucharest;
    1986 – Orizont Gallery, Workshop 35, catalogue: text by Mihai Drișcu, Bucharest;
    1990 - Hanul cu Tei Gallery, video, cameraman: Alexandru Solomon, Bucharest;
             - Het Koopjeshuis Gallery, Borne; antARTica Gallery, Holland;
             - Museum Teodor Graur, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    1993 - Eu, En, Ich, multimedia exhibition, Hungarian Cultural Centre, Bucharest;
    1995 – Foundation Archipel Gallery, Apeldoorn, Holland;
    1997 - Melina Gallery, Greece;
    2000 - Walk (photography), New Gallery, Bucharest;
    2004 - T. G. – Works from the 80s & 90s from the author’s collection, HT003 Gallery, Bucharest;
    2010 - Remodern, Gallery-antique Curtea veche, Bucharest;
    2011 - Balkan XXI, Museum of Romanian Peasant, Bucharest;
    2012 - Museum x 3: Totalitarian, Modernist, Balkan, Contemporary Art Gallery,  National Museum Brukenthal, Sibiu;
             - Teodor Graur 2012, Club Electroputere Craiova, Dolj;
    2013 - Interior Design Items, Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest.
     Group exhibition (selection):
    1990 – International exhibition of Painting Cagnes-sur-Mer, Franța;
             - Awaiting and burst, exhibition of young Romanian artists, Szombathelyi Haladás, Hungary;
    1992 - Dagegen Verbotene Ostkunst 1948-1989, Austria;
    1993 - Erste Schritte – Romanian art in the 90s, Stuttgart, Bonn, Berlin;
    1994 – International Biennale in São Paulo, Brazil;
             - Days of Romanian culture in Wuppertal, Germany;
    1995 – International Biennale of Contemporary art at Istanbul, 4th edition, Turkey, with Euroartist;
    1996 - Balt Orient Express, action/exhibition, Berlin, Bucharest, Vienna;
    1997 – Venice Biennale,47th edition, with the instalaltion La Nave Romania;
             - Ad Hoc – Romanian art today, with the installation My museum, Contemporary Art Museum Ludwig, Budapest;
    1998 - Transfigurations, exhibition of Romanian art, Mücsarnok, Budapest;
    1999 – An invented people, exhibition with artists from the Balkans, Sofia, Bucharest, Tessalonik, Istanbul;
    2001 – international Biennale in Venice, Italy;
    2000 - Transitionland, National Art Museum, Bucharest;
    2002 - In Search of Balkania, curators: Roger Connover, Eda Cufer, Peter Weibel, Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria;
    2003 - Blood & Honey - Future’s In the Balkans, curator: Harald Szeemann, Sammlung Essl, Vienna, Austria;
             - Towers of Babel, art action, curator: Gunter Minas, The State Museum, Mainz, Germany;
    2004 - Shake the Limits, curator: Maria Rus Bojan, Bucharest;
             - Opening of the Contemporary Art Museum, curator: Ruxandra Balaci, Bucharest;
    2006, 2007 - ViennaFair, New Gallery, Bucharest;
    2010 - When History Comes Knocking, Galeria Plan B, Berlin, Germany;
    2011 - ViennaFair 2011, Galeria Recycle Nest, Bucharest;
             - Curated by Vienna, participation at the Hans Knoll Gallery, Vienna, Austria;
    2012 - The Hero, the Heroine and the Author, Museum „Ludwig”, Budapest, Hungary;
             - X-40 – The artist and the power”, National library, Bucharest;
             - One plus one makes one, Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Budapest Art Market, participation with Viltin Gallery Budapest, Hungary;
             - Remember Balkania, Club Electroputere Craiova.

    1986 - Bridge, action, Bucharest, Budapest;
             - Europia, happening, Sibiu;
    1987 – Sportive complex, performance/installation, Bucharest;
    1988 - House Party, performance, Bucharest;
    1991 – Art and democracy, action/installation, Timișoara;
    1993 - Speaking to Europe, performance, Timișoara;
    1994 - Go West, installation, Timișoara;
             - Caritas/Sex/Super/Star, installation/happening, Arad;
             - Germania vs Romania, performance with Euroartistgroup, Bucharest, Sfântu Gheorghe;
    2005 – The forgotten room (installation), HT003 Gallery, Bucharest;
    2006 - Made in East Europe (installation), Fabs Gallery, Warsaw, Poland;
             - Persona (installation), New Gallery, Bucharest;
    2008 - Performance in the show Pupilija, Papa Pupilo And the Pupilceks (Maska Theatre, Liublijana, direction: Janez Jansa), Bucharest.

    Symposia/Workshops (selection):
    1993 - „special guest” at the European Forum of Cultural Networks, Sinaia;
    1997 – the event „Month of photgraphy”, Bratislava, Slovakia;
             - Symposium „Structures and strategies in the multimedia development: on-line and off-line”, Cluj;
    1998 - Symposium „Culture and technology”, Bucharest;
             - CO+++Mini International Workshop Festival, Novisad, Yugoslavia;
             - „Getting from Here to There”, international workshop on art management, Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University, Holland.
    Works in collections:
      - National Museum of contemporary art, Bucharest;
      - Museum „Ludwig”, Budapest, Hungary;
      - Collection Essl, Vienna, Austria;
      - Nächst St. StephanGallery, Vienna, Austria;
      - K + K, Hotel Elisabeta, Bucharest.

    2000, 2006 – Prize by the Plastic Artists Union in Romania.


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