A common aspect in contemporary art is a tendency to return to archaic cultural approaches, to the primitive exoticism of the pre-Christian civilisations. In this way, Ciprian’s art chooses to explore the fascinating world of the Central America, of the sacred rituals described by the shaman wisdom. Using especially wood and copper, the artist makes an art with deep spiritual character, carefully crafted forms in a sacred symbolic way.

Andra Miruna Stancu (Mirela Dăuceanu)



    (Arad, 1978)
    Academic Studies:
    2001 - Faculty of Fine Arts, Timisoara West University, specializing in sculpture;
    2006 - Masters in Sculpture, Faculty of Arts, Timisoara.


    Group exhibitions:
    1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006 - Annual Winter Fair, Arad;
    1997 - Student-Fest, Timisoara and Bucharest;
             - Castle Student festival, Hunedoara;
    1998 - Student-Fest, Timișoara;
             - The Experiment, Timișoara;
             - National Small Sculpture Biennale, Arad;
    1999 - Faculty of Arts Exhibition, Timisoara and Arad;
             - Studentul-Fest, Timișoara;
    2000 - Student-Fest, Timișoara;
             - Bienala Națională de Sculptură Mică, Arad;
    2001 - Expoziția Facultății de Arte, Timișoara și Arad;
             - Estival Art, Arad;
    2002 - National Small Sculpture Biennale, Arad;
             - 21, exhibition of young artists from Arad, Arad, Alba-Iulia;
    2004 - Exhibition of young artists from Arad, Arad;
             - National Small Sculpture Biennale, Arad;
    2005 - Plastic Artists Union exhibition, Arad;
    2007 - Faculty of Arts Exhibition, Timisoara;
             - 21, Arad exhibition of young artists from Arad in private collections: Romania, Hungary, Germany, Canada, USA.