Through the range of themes he tackles, Boscor Constantin imprints onto each one of his pieces a powerful sense of spirituality. Intense or tender scenes, with visible religious undertones are transposed into a static type of sculpture whose attributes like rigour and precision of form suggest a sense of equilibrium and take the viewer by surprise. 

Andra Miruna Stancu (Mirela Dăuceanu)



    (Cluj, 1967)

    Academic studies:
    1998 - Visual Arts Academy „Ion Andreescu”, Sculpture specialization, Cluj-Napoca;

    Professional activity:
    since 2000 - Visual Arts teacher at different schools in Cluj, including the Fine Arts Highschool;
    2005 - 2006 - Visual Arts teacher specialized in sculpture;
    2005 - 2008 - U.S.A. resident.


    National exhibitions:
    since 1992 - works of art exhibited in Cluj-Napoca, Arad, Alba-Iulia, Bucharest.

    Exhibitions abroad:
     - Rome and Ravena, Italy;
      - Herenveen, Holland; 
      - Erkrath, Germany;
      - Frankfurt, MI, Hilton Head Island, South Califonia, U.S.A.

    Work in private collections:
    He has pieces in several galleries and private art collections in Romania, Germany, Holland and U.S.A.