He performs non-figurative metallic compositions using the welding technique. The linearity of the iron-concrete (his favourite metal) is exploited to create systems of spatial welded objects which have malleability and are completed with moveable inserts or mirror fragments, included in the metaphorical composition as a game to discover the clues of reality (
Pendulum, Clepsydra).
The concept of time (the drama of the unspoken acceptance of the irreversible) has been the main theme of reflection during his studies. So far, his art encapsulates only the experience and the accumulations of those years.
Elena Mihuț



    (Bucharest, 1972)

    Higher Education:
    1991 - 1997 - Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest / The National University of Arts, Bucharest, with professors Mircea Spătaru and Darie Dup, Bucharest.

    Member of Romanian Fine Arts Union


    Group Exhibitions:
    1993 - StudentFest, Cercul Militar, Timișoara;
    1994 - Exhibitions for the Interacademic Changes Programme, Budapest and Bucharest Art Academy; 
             - Freedom’s Dialogue, Galla Gallery, Bucharest;
    1995 - Small Sculpture Exhibition, "Orizont" Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Teacher and Student, "Apollo" Gallery, Bucharest;
             - 130 years since Art Academy’s Foundation, ¾ Floor Gallery, Bucharest’s National Theatre;
             - Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Bucharest;
    1996 - Small Sculpture Exhibition, "Orizont" Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Tibute for Brâncuși, Academy of Art Gallery, Bucharest;
    1997 - Mexico’s Embassy in Romania, Bucharest;
             - Graduates’ Exhibition, Academy Gof Art Gallery, Bucharest.


    Fundația Culturală META, Un secol de sculptură românească. Dicționar A-D. Colecția SINTEZE, Editura META, 2001, pp. 29 - 30.