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What is surprising in Marius Bacriu-Petrescu' s artworks is the monumentality he manages to offer to wood. Based on forms he created according to an aesthetics influenced by the archaic structures that are strongly suggestive, the artist's sculpture can be defined by multidimensionality: whether he proposes a transit, a rupture or the combination of hypothetical art media, each of his works includes a universe, a tale that goes far beyond the conceptual boundaries.


(Sibiu, 1968)

Academic Studies:
2004: Fine Arts University, Timisoara
2006: MA, Sculpture, Timisoara
2007: Certificate for hitorical stone buildings restoration
PhD at the Universty of Fine Arts and Design, Timişoara
Member of the Romanian Fine Arts Union


Personal Exhibitions:
2000: Army Gallery, Lugoj
2005, 2006: Pro Arte Gallery, Lugoj, Timis;
2006: 28 Gallery, Timisoara;
          - Passpartu Gallery, Sibiu;
2008: Helios Gallery, Timisoara;
2009: CEC, Sibiu.

Group exhibitions*:
2004: Army Gallery, Lugoj, Timis;
2005, 2006, 2009: Pro Arte Gallery, Lugoj, Timis;
2006: International Fine Arts Salon, Timisoara
2007: Helios Gallery, Timisoara
         - Timisoara Art Museum;
         - Timis Prefecture;
         - International Fine Arts Salon,Lugoj, Timis
2009: Lugoj Theatre, Timis

Historical Monuments (17th century) Restoration Field, Costei - Lugoj, 2007.

2006 – Sculpture Symposium, Berningen, Germany;
2008 – International Monumental Sculpture Camp, Caransebes, Caras-Severin
International Art Camp, Duhova, Macedonia
Monumental Sculpture Exhibition EUROPE – AFRICA, xpoziţie de Sculptură Monumentală EUROPA - AFRICA, Vienna, Austria.

* other exhibitions: 2005: Szeged, Hungary; 2009: El Drac, Spani; Sexad, Hungary; Lichthof, Köln, Germany; Benicarló, Spani.


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