One of the representatives of a representative Romanian generation of sculptors, trained in the 5th decade of the past century in the class of Constantin Baraschi and Peter Balogh, Jeana Gertler Zalman established herself in the field of contemporary art through a prestigious activity, both by participating in renowned creative symposia and also through her workshop fine art. As a prolific artist, initially preoccupied by social themes, always keeping man, in different states of his existence, in the forefront, Jana Gertler Zalman carves and models with an equal amount of passion and endowment. In her long lasting activity, Jana Gartler Zalman experimented with all materials such as terracotta, wood, stone, bronze.
          The portrait has always had a place in the centre of her preoccupations and she reproduces it either in a more realist manner, when she portrays a cultural personality (Ion Andreescu, Georgeta Năpăruş, Nina Casian), or in a more stylized, with symbolist accents manner, when she portrays allegorical characters. In both cases, the portrait is treated with finesse and care for detail. From a compositional stand point, the groups that have the theme of maternity or children, as being a constant in both the workshop fine art and in the public forum statuary, can be distinguished through the equilibrium of the shapes and through the harmony of proportions. Jana Gertler Zalman’s sculpture has the special feature of the well restrained antagonism between the volumes’ solidity and the gentleness, tenderness and smoothness with which the artist treats the surfaces.

Luiza Barcan (2014)



    (Oradea, 1929)

    Academic studies:
    Graduated the „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, with Constantin Baraschi, Peter Balog, Gheorghe Lowendal and Costin Ioanid, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions*:
    1968 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    1983 – Galateea Gallery, Bucharest.
    Group exhibitions**:
    since 1955 – most of the regional and county salons, and also the small sculpture salons;
    1957 – Festival of Youngsters and Students in Moscow, Russia;
    1959 – Festival of Youngsters and Students in Vienna, Austria;
    1963 – Exhibition of Youth, Exhibition by Bucharest County;
    1966 - Biennale of painting and sculpture in Bucharest;
    1971 – Salon of Painters and Sculptors in Bucharest;
    1975 – Female presences in the Romanian plastic art;
    2008 – Orizont Gallery, Bucharest;
    2009 – Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2011 – Salon of engraving and sculpture, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest.
    1973 - Măgura, Buzău;
    1975, 1976 - Lăzarea, Harghita;
    1980 - Sosto, Hungary.
    Monumental works:
    1966 - Ion Andreescu, Buzău;
    1971 - Birds, Amara, Ialomița;
    1977 - Captain Neculai Lascăr Bogdan, Giurgiu.

    1955 – Prize for the work Maternity at the Festival of Youngsters and Students in Warsaw, Poland;
             - Prize for the work Children’s chorus at the Festival of Youngsters and Students in Vienna, Austria.

    * also exhibited in 2013.
    ** other exhibitions in: 1969 - Beirut, Lebam; Tel Aviv, Israel; 1979 - Sofia, Bulgaria; Lisbon, Portugal; 1982 - Budapest, Hungary;
    1984 - Jerusalem, Israel.


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