Sculptor from the 80s, Claudiu Filimon is attracted by the shapes freed from materiality and practices a sculpture fascinated by the world of the old symbols, which he re-interprets in his own manner.  
Luiza Barcan



    (Bucharest, 1958; moves to France)

    Academic studies:
      - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, with Paul Vasiliu and Marin Iliescu, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union


    Solo exhibitions:
    1984 - Workshop 35, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest.
    Group exhibitions*:
    since 1984 – most of the county and republican group exhibitions of sculpture;
    1984 - Quadrennial of Decorative Art, Bucharest.

    1984 - Măgura, Buzău.
    Monumental works:
    1984 – Light giving birth to light...which gives birth..., Măgura, Buzău.

    * she also exhibited in: 1981 - Bucharest; 1988 - Italy; 1993, 2000 - Paris, France.
    Horşia, Horia, Workshop 35-Orizont, in: revista „Arta”, no. 12/1984.


    Horşia, Horia, Atelier 35-Orizont, în: revista „Arta”, nr. 12/1984.