Ion Valentin Anestin is known especially as a graphic designer because of his many albums which contain numerous engravings, illustrations, drawings, and caricatures, all of them first published in the publications he collaborated to between the two world wars. Even if he did not sculpture too much, he is the author of a sculpture remarkable for its synthetic character and for the geometry of its volumes (
Don Quixote). This sculpture expresses affinities with both his roughly sketched forms of expressionist origins and with cubism as a whole.
Ioana Vlasiu



    (Bucharest, 1900 - 1963)

    Higher Education:
    1918 - 1920 - The National School of Fine Arts, Bucharest, with professor Fritz Stork;
                        - Free Art Academy, with professor Arthur Verona.


    Solo Exhibitions*:

    1974 - Retrospective Exhibition, Bucharest;
    2006 - The National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest.

    *other exhibitions: 1929 - Bucharest.


    Vlasiu, Ioana (coord.), Dicționarul sculptorilor din România. Secolele XIX-XX, vol. I, lit. A-G, Editura Academiei Române, București, 2011, pp. 31 - 32.