ILFOVEANU, Adrian-Alexandru


        Mostly figurative sculpture. In his early years, his creation was full of hybrid shapes, connected to the morphology and the spirit of the Roman art. In parallel, Adrian Ilfoveanu develops a series of variations of the bird, pretext for questioning themes such as the birth, the spiritual ascension or death. His latest works slide more towards expressionism potentiated by the use of colour. 
A singular experiment, with ritual connotations, in which there is a barely dissimulated sarcastic note, the project Eve lived in Pleşcoi re-activated a prototype from his early years, transposed by the artists in an unconventional matter: meat. After these works, two stone silhouettes, Adam and Eve, admirably polished, evoke through their static spirit visual references from the extreme Orient art.  

Corina Teacă



    (Piteşti, 1974)

    Academic studies:
    1989 - 1995 – Academy of Fine Arts, with Darie Dup and Marian Zidaru, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions*:
    1998 - Bancorex Gallery (with Sorin Ilfoveanu), Bucharest;
    2000 - Valbert, Germany;
    2002 - Littman & White Gallery, Portland, USA;
    2005 – Cultural Centre Brâncoveanu Palaces (with Sorin Ilfoveanu), Mogoșoaia, Ilfov;
    2007 - Exhibition Eve lived in Pleşcoi (with Nicu Ilfoveanu), Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest;
    2012 - Ann Art Gallery, Bucharest;
    2012 - Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest;
    2012 – Museum of Geology, Bucharest.

    Group exhibitions:
    1995 - Exhibition Arte povera, Bucharest;
    1996 - Neo-traditionalism and Neo-avant-garde, Bucharest;
    1999 – Maculated conception, National Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest;
    2004 – Romanian contemporary sculptors, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2007 – At the ruin of the museum, UNAgaleria, Bucharest;
    2009 - Saga Ilfoveanu, Art Society Gallery, Bucharest;
    2009 -  Mitologie Soggettive, Centro Espositivo Roca Paolina, Perugia, Italy.

    Monumental works:
    1995 - Arc of Triumph, Etlingen, Germany.

    2004 - Baia Mare;
             - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

     - Museum of modern art, United Arab Emirates.

    1993 – grant at Aachen;
    1995 – residency offered by Lions Group;
    2002 – Prize by the Plastic Artists Union for debut.

    * also exhibited in 1997 - Oslo, Norway.


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    Surse web: 2010