Debuts as illustrator. After 1989, marked by the metamorphosis of the contemporary society, he dedicates himself to the kinetic sculpture (series of package-sculpture, mobiles with chromatic interventions). Complex mechanisms attached to an anthropomorphic ensemble expresses the author’s critical stand against the post-1989 reality. The realism of the anatomic fragments – arms and heads boldly sculpted in wood – glued to the extremely complicated installations substituting the functions of the internal organs (plugs, pc components, the keyboard of a obsolete writing machine, speaker etc.) compose the hybrid image of the recent man. This segment of his creation surpasses the sphere of the purely ethical commentary by the bridges it makes towards the European cultural history, reminding us of the combinatory virtuosity and the playful spirit of mannerism and, equally evoking a type of experimentalism coming from the American art. 

Corina Teacă



    (Arbore, Suceava, 1946)

    Academic studies:
    1979 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, professor Eugen Popa, Bucharest.

    1985 - 2004 – he conducted the engraving workshop of the Plastic Artists Union;
    Curator of Podul Gallery, specialized in engraving exhibitions.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions:
    1993 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    1996, 2007 – Museum of Art, Tulcea;
    2006 – Artis Gallery, Bucharest;
    2010 – Gallery of contemporary art, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu.

    Group exhibitions:
    1996 – Gallery of art centre, Bucharest;
    1996 – National Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest;
    1996 – County Salon, Bucharest;
    1997 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    1998 – International Fair of visual arts, Bucharest;
    2001 – Central University Library, Bucharest;
    2006 – Exhibition with the theme Reality as an image of the image / Reality as a play, National Salon, Bucharest;
    2007 – Retrospective exhibition of Romanian engraving, Palazzo Correr, Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanist Research, Venice, Italia;
    2007 – Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2011 – Seniors of Romanian graphics, Bucharest.

     - Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu.

    1994 – Prize for graphics by the Plastic Artists Union;
    2004 – Order Cultural Merit as Chevalier;
    2006 - Prize ex-aequo for graphics.


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