Figurative sculpture. Without being Bourdelle’s student, the plastic vision of Oscar Han was decisively influenced by the French artist’s creation, by the monumentality and the strength of his characters. He is creator of portraits, figurative compositions, feminine nudes, monments and he gives his characters, with no exception, by their athletic corporality, a monumental solemnity, an intrinsic heroism.

Corina Teacă



    (Bucharest, 1891 - Bucharest, 1976)

    Academic Studies:
    1909 - 1914 - National School of Fine Arts, with Dimitrie Paciurea and Frederic Storck, Bucharest.
    1927 - 1944, 1956 - Professor of sculptures at the National School of Fine Arts.

    Founding member of the Romanian Art Society
    1926 - founding member of the Group of Four, together with the painters Nicolae Tonitza Dimitrescu and Francis Stephen Şirato, Bucharest.


    Solo exhibitions:
    1915 - Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest (together with Alexander Romano and Horia Boamba); 
    1919 - Art Salon, Bucharest (together with Traian Cornescu);
    1925 - Home Art Gallery, Bucharest;
    1934, 1935 - Dalles Hall, Bucharest (along with Francis Şirato and Nicholas Tonitza);
    1962 - Retrospective Exhibition, Sala Dalles.

    Group exhibitions:
    1911 - Official Salon, Bucharest (debut);
    1912, 1913, 1916 - Official Salons;
    1914, 1915, 1916 - Artistic Youth Exhibition, Bucharest;
    1917 - Exhibition of paintings and sculptures of mobilized artists Iaşi;
    1926 - 1936 –The exhibition of the the Group of Four Association Bucharest;
    1929 - Universal Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain.

    Monumental works:
    1916 - The Independence Monument of the Heroes, Bucharest (destroyed);
    1929 - Tenor N. Leonard, Kisellef Park, Bucharest;
    1934 - Elegie, Vâle de Grâce, France;
    1939 - Constantin Brâncoveanu (bronze), Bucharest.

      - National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
      - National Museum Brukenthal, Sibiu;
      - Art Museum, Timisoara.

    1936 - 1st prize in the competition for equestrian statues of the kings Carol I and Ferdinand I (executed);
    1964 -  Honoured Master of Arts;
    1968 - Order of Cultural Merit 1st class. 


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