Debut in 1957 with a historical subject. Sculpture with an anthropomorphic feature. Symbolic contents in works such as: Conversing with a bird, Conversing with the earth etc. He made a series of portraits full of expressivity among which we note that of philosopher Petre Ţuţea (Popa Soare Church, Bucharest) and theologist Dumitru Stăniloae (Bucharest, Faculty of Orthodox Theology). The controversial monument Eminescu from Montreal (2003, Place de la Roumanie, bronze) overthrows the patterns of the Eminescu iconography without falsifying the model. Like other works of Gorduz, this anti-monument distinguishes itself by an accentuated simplicity, by the lack of any rhetoric that generally characterizes the sculpture for the public spaces. Per ensemble, his works transmits an intensely nostalgic feeling regarding the cultural history, but also the human destiny in general: fragments of bodies evoking statues in ruin, reminding us of the pre-classic Greek sculpture, passeist portraits etc.

Corina Teacă



    (Trifeşti, Neamţ, 1931 - Bucharest, 2008)

    Academic studies:
    1954 - 1961 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, with Boris Caragea, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions:
    1975 – New Gallery, Bucharest;
    1992 – Catacomba Gallery, Bucharest;
    2007 – Headquarters of the Architects Order in Romania, Bucharest;
    2010 – Palaces Brâncoveanu, Mogoşoaia (sculpture and drawing), Ilfov;
    2011 – National Art Museum of Moldova, Chişinău (with other works by Silvia Radu), Republic of Moldova.
    Group exhibitions:
    1975 - Plastik und Blumen, East Berlin, Germany;
    1976 – International contest of portraits Paul Louis Weiller, Paris, France;
    1981 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    2006 - Sequences I, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest;
    2010 - lemn.roCrucified in the winter, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest.

    Monumental works:
    1968 – Popular legend, Olăneşti, Vâlcea;
    1975 - Lucreţiu Pătrăşcanu, Bacău;
              - Emperor Traian, Academia di Romania, Rome (Italy) and Sevilla (Spain);
    2003 - Mihai Eminescu, Place de la Roumanie, Montreal, Canada.

     - Study after an old statue (bronze), National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
     - Ion Gheorghiu (bronze), National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
     - H. Catargi (bronze), National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
     - Ion Pacea (bronze), National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
     - Nicolae Iorga (gips), National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
     - George Călinescu (gips), National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest;
     - Museum of visual art, Galaţi.
    1972 – Prize of the Plastic Artists Union for Sculpture,
    1977 - Prize „Ion Andreescu” of the Romanian Academy;
    2000 - Order „Romania Star” (chevalier);
    2003 - Prize „Prometheus” for Opera omnia by the „Anonimul


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