A student of Antoine Bourdelle, Céline Emilian keeps in her vision the monumental paradigm of the French master. At the same time, her creation, predominantly anthropomorphic, conserves the seal of an archaism common to the Romanian art in-between wars.

Corina Teacă



    (Paris, 1898 - Bucharest, 1981)

    Academic studies:
    1920 - Academia Grande Chaumière, with Antoine Bourdelle, Paris, France;
    1920 - 1924 – student and collaborator at some works by Bourdelle, among which the Saint-Remi church (7 reliefs, stone). She also makes decorative art (mosaic, glass painting, and ceramics).

    Member of the groups Romanian artistic current and La Petite Entente des Femmes


    Solo exhibitions:
    1929, 1931, 1934, 1937, 1938 – Ileana Hall, Bucharest;
    1933 - Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy;
    1939 – Romanian legation, London, Great Britain;
    1957 – Retrospective exhibition, Park of culture and leisure C.T.Stalin, Bucharest;
    1967 – Dalles Hall, Bucharest.

    Group exhibitions*:
    1922 - 1939 - Salon des Tuileries, Paris, France;
    1926 - 1940 – Official Salon, Bucharest;
    1933 - 1940 – Artistic youth, Bucharest;
    1940 – Venice Biennale, Italy.

     - Tate Gallery, National Art Museum of Romania, Bucharest.

    * she also exhibited in: 1935 - Brussels, Belgium; 1936 - Barcelona, Spain; 1937 - Belgrade, Serbia; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; London, Great Britain; 1940 - Rome, Italy.


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