Painter, sculptor, photographer, movie maker, performance, installation. He is considered one of the representative artists for the Romanian art in the communist time because of the subversive content of his work. Sculpture is less present in his work. At his solo exhibition in 1974 at the Apollo Gallery he exhibits sculpture besides painting, drawing, engraving and a screenplay project for cartoon. In the 1990s sculpture comes back under various forms, from the silhouette fretted in metal for the Handicapped (1992) to the symbolic structure of the arch (The Ship, 1998).  

Corina Teacă



    (Bucharest, 1945)

    Academic studies:
    1969 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Plastic Arts, painting department, Bucharest.

    since 1989 – Member of the Prologue group


    Solo exhibitions:
    1974 – Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    1981 - Biennale at São Paolo, Brazil;
    1990 - Third’s Eye, Gallery Glasgow, Point East, Scotland;
    1991 - Wanderlieder, Stedelik Museum Amsterdam, Holland;
             - Anatomy of opposition/exposure/submission, Art Centre Gallery, Bucharest
    1992 - Mahlzeit für eine tote Kultur, Schauplatz Zeitgennössischer Kunst, Vienna, Austria; 
              - Politics, religion and art face to face with crime, Catacomba Gallery, Bucharest;
    1993 - Animality, society, divinity, Romanian Cultural Institute, Venice, Italy;
    1994 -  First Gallery, Timişoara;
    1998 - Ship, GCatacomba Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Documents 1967 - 1997, National Museum of Art, Contemporary Art department, Bucharest;
    1999 - Una Bisanzio Latina,  S. Maria Poppolo Church, Rome, Italy;
    2000 - Exhibition 2000+ Collection, Ljublijana, Slovenia;
    2001 - Remedy for Melancholy, Edwin Kunsthalle, Stockholm, Sweden;
    2002 - Auf der Suche nach Balkanien, Neue Gallerie, Graz, Austria;
    2004 – Recent photographs, New Gallery, Bucharest;
             - County Gallery, Bucharest;
    2006 – Toys for kids (with Mircea Cantor), Studio Protokoll Gallery, Cluj-Napoca;
    2007 - Geta Brătescu/Ion Grigorescu - Resources, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest;
    2008 - Exhibition Superpositions, Galeria Jean-Gabriel Mitterand, Paris, France;
             - Astra Gallery, Milano, Italy;
    2009 - Kunstverein Stuttgart, Subversive Practices, Germany;
             - National Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland;
    2010 - Oedipus the Wanderer, Gregor Podnar Gallery, Berlin, Germany;
    2012 - Afternoon in Piatra Neamț, Gregor Podnar Gallery, Berlin, Germany;
             - The Curtains of Democracy, Instituto Europeo de Diseño, Madrid, Spain.

    Group exhibitions:
    1978 - Study I;
    1979 – International Biennale of engraving, Bradford, Great Britain;
    1989, 1990 – Exhibition with the Prologue Group, Art Centre Gallery, Bucharest;
    1990 – Galateea Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Points East, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, Scotland;
    1991 - DAgegen - Verbotene Ostkunst 1948 - 1989, Austria;
             - Wander Lieder, Stedelich Museum, Amsterdam, Holland;
             - State without title, Museum of Art;
             - Filocalia, with the Prologue Group, Artexpo Gallery, Bucharest;
    1992 - Earth, Musum of Art, Timișoara;
    1992, 1996, 1997 – Catacomba Gallery, with the Prologue Group, Bucharest;
    1993 -  Performance Festival for  the Eastern Europe Area, Museum of Art, Timișoara;
    1994 – Exhibition of group Anastasia, Kiscellimuseum, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Nomadic (Romanian participation), Biennale of contemporary art, São Paulo, Brazil;
             - Museum of the Romanian peasant, Bucharest;
             - Tendencies in the Romanian contemporary photography, GAD Photo-gallery, Bucharest;
             - Exhibition of group Anastasia, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Art Fiera - Seduzione della Differeza, with the Prologue group, Bologna, Italy,
             - Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanist research, with the Prologue Group, Palazzo Correr, Venice, Italy;
             - Orient - Occident, with the Prologue Group, Museum of Art, Timișoara;
    1995 - The Artistic Ego and the Dilemmas of the Post-communist Age - Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovacia;
             - Exhibition Prologue organized by the Anastasia Foundation, with the Prologue Group, Limasol, Cyprus;
    1996 – Festival of performance Annart, Lake Sf. Ana, Harghita;
             - Festival of performance, Eastern Europe Area 2, Timișoara;
             - Le Corps Photographié, FRAC Alsace, Strasbourg, France;
             - Experiment, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest;
    1996, 1999, 2002 - Gallery 28, with the Prologue Group, Timișoara;
    1997 – Pavilion of Romania (with Ion Bitzan), International Biennale of contemporary art, Venice, Italy;
    1998 - Body and the East, Moderna Galeria, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
    1999 - Workshop Vagabond, META Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Sacred in art, Constantin Brâncuși Hall, with the Prologue Group, Bucharest;
    2000 – Ludovic Gallery, with the Prologue Group, Bucharest;
    2001, 2004 – Gallery-antiquity Curtea Veche, with the Prologue Group, Bucharest;
    2003, 2007 - Symposium Prologue, Peintre a Bethonvilliers. Prologue et ses invites, with the Prologue Group, Béthonvilliers, France;
    2004 – Exhibition with the Prologue Group, Museum of Art, Arad;
    2005 - Foundation Gulbernian, Lisbon, Portugal;
    2006 – toys for children, with Ion Grigorescu and Mircea Cantor, Studio Gallery Protokoll;
             - Salon of Art, Belgrade, Serbia;
             - Cabaret Voltaire Zürich, Switzerland;
             - Exhibition Prologue 20 years, Museum of Art, Alba-Iulia;
    2008 - Ovens - Symposium Prologue
    2009 - Sub_Cărturești Gallery, with the Prologue Group, Bucharest;
             - He who punishes himself, with Ștefan Bertalan and Florin Mitroi, Cultural centre Palaces Brâncoveanu, Ilfov;
             - Nothing is as priceless as the day, Adreiana Mihail Galley, Bucharest;
    2009 - 2010 – Itinerant exhibition of ...pig, National Centre of Dancing, Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca;
    2010 – Provisory auxiliary constructions, Recycle Nest Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Gender Check. Feminity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe, Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, Austria;
             - Ten, co sam sie karze, Art Centre „Bunkier Sztuki", Cracow, Poland;
             - International Biennale of Art at Berlin, Germany;
             - Promises of the pas, 1950 - 2010, Centre „Pompidou“, Paris, France;
             - 4th edition of the International Biennale of Experimental engraving, Cultural centre Mogoșoaia Palaces, Ilfov;
             - Prologue - 25 years, Gallery-antique Curtea Veche, Bucharest;
             - Zikkurat Gallery, with the Prologue group, National Theatre and the Arts Palaces in Budapest, Hungary;
    2010 - 2011 - After the Fall, Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Arts (HVCCA);
    2011 - Level 2 Gallery: Out of Place, Tate Modern, London, Great Britain;
             - Performing History, Biennale in Venice, Pavilion of Romania, Italy;
             - Project Romanian Cultural Resolution, Biennale in Venice, Pavilion of Romania, Italy;
    2013 - Exhibition Mircea Cantor: Q.E.D., National Museum of contemporary arts, Bucharest.

    1972 – Youth Prize, (U. A. P. R.);
    1978, 1989 – Prize by the art critics;
    1993 - Prize „Andrei Cădere”;
    1998 – Prize for restoration of clerical painting;
             - Prize bt „Cuvântul” magazine.


    Barbosa, Octavian, Dicționarul artiștilor români contemporani, Editura Meridiane, București, 1976.

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