Niculae Agârbiceanu started to participate in Official Exhibitions as a student. He was exhibiting archaic sculptures, carved in stone, a technique practiced by very few at the time. The reference to archaism is acknowledged even by the titles of his works (Thracian Deity). In 1942 the artist travels to Paris and frequents the studio of Constantin Brancusi, introduced by his aunt, Rhea-Silvia Radu. In 1948 he retires to the Theological College from Châlons-sur-Marne (France) and devotes all his life to religious sculpture. His religious sculpture is vigorous and pathetic and unlike the religious art of the last century it avoids excessive stylization and academic form of expression. His works include: The Crosses of the Poorly Sisters (Andecy Abbey), Saint Joseph (Broussy-le-Grand), The Holy Heart (the Episcopate from Châlons-sur-Marne).
Ioana Vlasiu



    (Bucium, Alba, Romania, 1908 - France, 1991)

    Higher Education:
    1928 - 1931 - Law and Music, Cluj-Napoca, România;
    1931 - 1935 - La Schola Cantorum and music education with César Franck (composer, pianist, organist, and music teacher), Paris, France;
    from 1942 - Superior School of Fine Arts, București, România.

    Professional Activity:
    1937 - 1940 - Music teacher (Harmony) la "Pro Arte" Academy of Music, București, România.


    Solo Exhibitions*:

    1946 - "Pygmalion" Art Gallery, București, România.
    Group Exhibitions:

    1940 - 1943 - Official Exhibition, București, România.
    1947 - Drouin and Breteau Galleries. 

    Inside the studio of the artist (an article about Constantin Brâncuși), with notes by Barbu Brezianu, in "Secolul XX" Magazine, no. 189 - 191, 1976; reproduced in "Vatra"  Magazine, no. 9, 1996, pages 48 - 51.

    *Solo Exhibitions: 1989 - Châlons-sur-Marne, France ș.a.


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