Nicolae Adrian Adam's vocation seemed to be his ability to give shape and significance to the metal artworks he realises. If the common metal (the industrial metal) can be poetic, then only the artist knew how to communicate it because he understood and knew how to mediate the relationship between the amorphous material and the personal way he was seeing the forms ordered into the space. His compositions are characterised by a definite verticality and they conquer the space leaving the door open to the dialogue between forms that are simultaneously anthropomorphizing.
Luiza Barcan


(Fiscut, Timiş, 1936 - București, 2012)

Higher Education:
He graduated the Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu", București, Romania.

Professional activity:
until 1998 - Senior Lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts, București, Romania.

Member of Romanian Fine Arts Union


Solo Exhibitions:

1969 - Bucharest, Romania;
1978 - Bucharest, Romania;
1997 - University of Fine Arts Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
2003 - "House of Art" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.
Group Exhibitions:

from 1962 - he exhibits in most of the republican and public exhibitions of painting and sculpture;
1970 - Spring in Arad / Primăvara arădeană, Arad, Romania;
1978 - 1994 - Saloanele de Plastică Mică, Romania;
1978 - 1996 - Decorative Arts Municipal Exhibitions;
1981 - Montreal, Québec;
         - Geneva, Switzerland;
1982 - Berlin, Germany;
1985 - Volos, Greece;
         - France;
         - Belgium;
1993 - Jewels and Enamel / Bijuterii şi email, Bucharest, Romania. 

Awards and Prizes:
1972 - Gerrit Rietveld Akademie Grant, Netherlands.


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