Being in a period of developing her plastic vocabulary, Delia Corban evolves in the area between abstraction and figuration. Her speech articulates itself on the collaboration between concavities and convexities. The technique is traditional, exploring and pinpointing, by carving, the qualities of wood. Her morphologies are allusive.

Alexandra Titu



    (Timişoara, 1969)

    Academic studies:
    1993 - 1998 – Faculty of Arts, Timişoara.
    2006 – masters in sculpture, class of prof. Peter Jecza;
    Doctorate in the field of visual arts with the theme Finding the way to the sacred by art, coordinator prof. Constantin Ionescu Prut

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions:
    1998 – film festival Televest, Youth House, Timişoara;
    2000 – Forbidden fruit, Helios Gallery, Timişoara;
    2001 - Signs, Helios Gallery, Timişoara;
    2003 - Post, Helios Gallery, Timişoara;
    2007 – Journeys towards the sacred time, Helios Gallery, Timişoara;
    2008 - Transcendences, Administrative Palace, Timişoara;
    2010 – Sculpture today. 4 discourses, Delta Art Gallery, Arad;
    2011 - Preface, Gallery 28, Timişoara;
    2012 – Between heaven and earth, CalpeGallery, Timişoara.
    Group exhibitions:
    1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999 - Studentfest, Helios Gallery, Timişoara;
    1997 – Days of Europe, Museum Huniade, Timişoara;
    1998 – Exhibition at the Foundation Europe for Europe, Arad;
    1998, 1999 – Exhibition of plastic art, Mountain Mseum Reşiţa, Caraș-Severin;
    1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 – Biennale of Small Sculpture, Art Gallery Delta, Arad;
    1998 - 2001, 2003 - 2009 – Winter annual salon, Timişoara;
    2001 - Symposium Actuality of Brâncuşi paradigm, Triade Gallery, Timişoara;
    2004 – Exhibition for the Foundation „The gift of life”, Timișoara;
             - Anniversary exhibition Light, Timişoara and Szeged (Hungary);
    2005 – The world of shapes, Plastic Artists and Decorative Artists Union, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Anniversary exhibition Brâncuși, Budapest, Timișoara and Szeged;
             - Confirmations, Helios Gallery, Timișoara;
    2007 - 2012 – Annual Salon of the Plastic Arts High-school, Timişoara;
    2007, 2009, 2011 – International Biennale of Art Meeting Point, Arad;
    2008 – Moving Anniversary exhibition Orient Express 125, Budapest, Hungary.
             - Moving exhibition The path, Timişoara;
             - Moving exhibition of Romanian contemporary art in Spain (Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona);
             - Moving exhibition Sânzienele in Klub Gallery, Budapest (Hungary) and in the Cultural House of Esztergom, Hungary;
    2009 - In memoriam Peter Jecza, Helios Gallery, Timişoara;
             - Exhibition 20 years from the Romanian revolution commemorated by the plastic artists in Timisoara, West University, Timişoara;
    2010 – Do not kill, Timco GalleryTimişoara;
             - Gift of heaven,, Helios Gallery, Timișoara;
    2010 - 2011 - Art and sacrality, Galleries of art Focşani, Vrancea;
    2011 – Dialogue with the sacred, Art Gallery of the Assumption Church, Iaşi;
             - Contemporary syntheses, Brâncuşi Hall, Palace of Parliament, Bucharest;
             - Biennale of small plastic Bronze age, Musem of Art, Cluj-Napoca;
    2012 – Signs of forever, Museum of Ethnography, Cluj-Napoca;
             - Am I my brother’s guardian?, Timişoara and Focşani, Vrancea;
             - Art at frontiers. Frontier of arts, ICR Budapest, Hungary;
             - Barrique Art, Museum of Art, Timişoara.

    2007 – Big prize at the annual salon of visual arts, Timişoara branch of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania;
    2011 – Special mention for sculpture at the Meeting Point Biennale, Arad.


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