In her creation she starts from a figurative language that with subtlety and a specific manner interprets reality, while in her last decade there comes to being a vision where the consonance of forms and the possible harmonies within the compositional structures, mainly in wood, become important, reality remaining a point of reference. Even in the monumental art, the artist is more interested in making figurative plastic structures capable of showing not only the physiognomic features, but also the meaning of the lives and creations of the people they represent.

Alexandra Rus



    (Oradea, 1932 - Cluj-Napoca, 1989)

    Academic studies:
    1956 - 1959 - „Ion Andreescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Cluj-Napoca.


    Solo exhibitions:
    1971 - Brindissi, Italy;
    1973 - Sibiu;
    1979, 1986 - Cluj-Napoca;
    1981 - Freiburg, Germany;
    1983 - Dettenhausen, Germany;
             - Tubingen, Germany;
    1985 - Berlin, Germany;
             - Vienna, Austria;
    1987 - Rosemburg, Austria.

    Group exhibitions*:
    since 1956 – annually she exhibits works in wood, stone and metal at the regional and county exhibitions and biennales, under the aegis of the Plastic Artists Union, organized in Cluj, Bistriţa, Bucharest.

    Monumental works:
    1967 - Axente Sever, Blaj, Alba;
    1969 - Nicolae Olahus, Cluj-Napoca;
    1970 - Victor Babeş, Cluj-Napoca.

    *Numerous participations at exhibitions of Romanian plastic art organized abroad (Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy). Is part of a strong group surrounding Romulus Ladea, being under his guidance, who organized various exhibitions (Paul Sima, Liviu Florean, Vasile Crişan, Ion Mitrea, Alexandra Crişan).


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