Experimental endeavour (ideatic, technique) combined with a multivalent subjective meta-discourse his work pays eulogy – from a conceptual perspective – to the figurative (present, in his creation also in the fragmentary utopian dimension). The artist grants the negative/positive volumetric equal chances, which is a distinct signature with equal validity in the process of re-examination, re-ordination of the natural world elements. His latest projects have a referential theoretical basis in dualism, opposing and polarizing the co-eternal principles of good and evil – present in all the ancient myths and the various religions – identified also in the Christian prayer Our Father that art.... The artist suggests reconsidering the freedom of option as a saving chance granted by divinity to the human being. His plastic creation is made in bronze, stone (variants) and terracotta.

Elena Mihuț



    (Cluj-Napoca, 1967)

    Academic studies:
    1989 - 1992 - „Ion Andreescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Cluj-Napoca, graphics department;
    1992 - 1993 - Academia of Arts, Bucharest, graphics department;
    1997 - Academia of Arts, Bucharest, sculpture department, professors Mircea Spătaru and Darie Dup;
    Tutor at the sculpture department, University of Arts, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions:
     2000 - Bredgade Kunsthandel Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark;
              - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest.

    Group exhibitions (selection): 
    1992 - Salon of engraving, County Gallery, Cluj-Napoca;
    1993 - „StudentFest”, Timişoara;
    1994 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Academy of Art Gallery, Budapest;
    1995 - Artexpo-Floor ¾ Gallery, Bucharest;
             - „Dialogue of freedom”, Galla Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Exhibition of sculpture and painting, Apolo Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Academy of Art Gallery, Bucharest;
    1997 - Ludwig Forum Gallery, Aachen, Germany;
    1998 - „Szinevaltozasok"Mucsnarok Gallery, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Autumn Salon of the Plastic Artists Union, Galla Gallery, Bucharest;
             - International Biennale „Arts of Fire”, Floor ¾ Gallery, National Theatre, Bucharest;
             - „Portrait-self-portrait”, Galla Gallery, Bucharest;
    1999 – Huset Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    1993 - Mraconia, Turnu Severin;
    1994 - Sângeorz-Băi;
    1999 - Morges, Switzerland.

    1995 – Prize by the rector of the Academy of Art, Bucharest;
             - grant at Kunsthochschule Weisensee, Berlin, Germany;
    1997 – Ludwig grant;
    1998 – Prize for metal at the International Biennale „Arts of Fire”;
    1999 – Prize for sculpture, Morges, Switzerland.


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