By carving, the artist gradually annuls the stone’s shapeless feature, discovering figurative structures to focus on. His attraction for the fabulous and the imaginary is fully uncovered in his bronzes, that constitute themselves in statuary groups, in fact in scenes with characters borrowed from the fairytales and the surrealist projections. Sometimes, the strange characters – a hybrid between human and animal – are juxtaposed, communicating on certain points in the reciprocal attempt of ritual assimilation. Going deep in the unconscious, these beings prove not so much a relation to the beasts from the Dark Ages, but sooner a permanent actualisation of fabulous beings, carrying anxiety and fear.

Constantin Prut



    (Kogălniceanu, Constanţa, 1947)
    Academic studies:
    1974 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest.


    1975 - Măgura, Buzău;
    1976 - Arcuş, Covasna.
    1976 – Grant for sculpture by the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Fundația Culturală META, Un secol de sculptură românească. Dicționar A-D. Colecția SINTEZE, Editura META, 2001, p. 152.

    Lucrări de artă monumentală contemporană din judeţul Covasna, centrul de Cultură Arcuş, 1999.