Liana Axinte realises expressionist masks for theatre spectacles (The Bacchants by Euripide) and puppet shows. Her most appreciated masks were those she created for the 1979 edition of the Charleville-Mézières International Puppet Festival. In 1982 she settles down in Deggendorf (Germany). Liana Axinte carves in wood and stone, passing from a stylised figurativism to an abstract expression. In the 80s, she starts moulding analytical portraits that express the consciousness of those portrayed. The material chosen by the artist, terracotta, due to its primordial nature becomes a reference to the Etruscan and Egyptian sculpture, to a generic archaism that has always influenced modernity. This is the period when she also paints and completes the cycle of oil pastels Light Drawings. She moulds remarkable portraits (in terracotta) characterised by an obvious realism (the bust of G. Călinescu). Liana Axinte's German stage of creation first of all represented a great diversification of the artistic tools and techniques she used to produce her art. Axinte sculptures and explores the three-dimensional space, but she also paints, draws, composes mural ornamentations and builds installations. She carves reliefs in ceramics (1989, The Savings Bank from Plattling, Germany), works bronze medals, realises illustrations for Rainer Maria Rilke's poems. În 2008, returns in Romania with the masks she created for a theatre spectacle directed by Cătălina Buzoianu at the Comedy Theatre, Bucharest.
Ioana Vlasiu



    (Ploiești, 1943; in 1982 he settles down in Germany)

    Higher Education:
    1962 - 1968 - Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu", Bucharest, with professor Ion Lucian Murnu.
    1969 - 1970 - "Frederick Storck" Scholarship.


    Solo Exhibitions:

    1969 - Masks and Drawings, Bucharest;
    1972 - "Orizont" Gallery, Bucharest;
    1979 - Puppets for Till Eulenspiegel, House of Art Gallery, Bucharest;
    1989, 1991, 1994, 1999 - Municipal Museum, Deggendorf, Germany. 
    Group Exhibitions:

    Takes part to numerous Annual State Exhibitions. 
    Sculpture Symposiums: 

    1970, 1974 - Icarus; Wake (stone), Măgura, Buzău;
    1971 - Pieta, Arad;
    1976 - Moravany, Czechoslovakia;
    1983 - Iserlohn, Germany.


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