At a first stage, her favourite material is stone. The rock is chopped with certain fervour, its volumes are light, full of grace, relieved in order to take on the task of representing certain human faces evoking the contemporary or historical realities. In the latter years she has exhibited mostly plaster works, on which she intervenes with colours. Her characters have an extra metaphorical charge and develop enduring the corrosive action of the light, which only makes them display a much accentuated mix of tragic and irony. No matter how much narrative ambition she puts into her works, the artist always knows how to find the best inscription of the sculptural shapes in space, upgrading it from the informal matter and granting it a superior level of communication.

Constantin Prut



    (București, 1935)

    Academic studies:
    1954 - 1961 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, with professor Ștefan Constantinescu, Bucharest.
    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions:
    1969 - Maria de Mangop (stone), Simeza Gallery, Bucharest.
    Group exhibitions:
    Since 1965 – republican sculpture exhibitions;
    1968 – Selection of Romanian art, Prague;
    1973 – Apollo Gallery, with Teodor Moraru and George Leolea, Bucharest;
    1975, 1977 - Plastik und Blumen, Berlin, Germany;
    1987 - Portrait, Art Centre Gallery, Bucharest;
    1995 – Venice Biennale, Italy.

    1985 - Măgura, Buzău.

    1970 - Maria de Mangop (cement), Art Museum, Bârlad;
    1972 - Victory (stone), National Museum of Art, Romania, Bucharest;
             - Becker, Belgium;
    1968 – The cyclist woman (stone), Art Museum, Constanța;
    1975 – Girl with flowers (gyps), Art Museum, Constanța;
    1970 - Maternity (stone), Fine Art Museum, Galați;
             - Flux (stone), Visual Art Museum, Galați;
             - Hazelaar, Holland;
             - Historical portrait, Art Museum, Tulcea.
    1966 – Third Prize, Exhibition for young artists, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism;
    1971 – Prize of the State Commitee for Culture and Art in Romania;
    1976 – Prize of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism for the work Vaivode;
    1977 – Prize for Sculpture by the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism;
             - Prize for Sculpture by the Plastic A


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