Taking into account the spatial context (urban or natural) given by the various “reservations of sculpture” of the symposia, as well as the function of the sculptural object, the artist chooses his system of either abstract or symbolic representative figuration. The style unit is given by the same simplicity of treating the material, a certain massive and static feature of the volumes, on which he intervenes with portraitist individualization by a summary modelling or by chromatic addition. Often enough, the object is at the limit between monument and pattern (project). Even his works in gypsum are not intended to be ephemeral, but a condition for preparing the definitive monument. He uses with the same affinity the traditional materials like wood, stone, gypsum.
Alexandra Titu



    (Pungești, Vaslui, 1948)

    Academic studies:.
    1981 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, București.

    1982 – Grant for Sculpture by the Plastic Artists Union;
    1991 – Grant by the European Foundation for International Intellectual Relations, Paris.

    since 1990 – lecturer at the Ceramics Department of the Fine Arts Academy/Arts University, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Solo exhibitions:
    1994, 2000 - G. Călinescu Foundation, Onești, Bacău;
    1997, 2001 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    2004 - „Artis" Gallery, Slatina, Olt.
    Group exhibitions:
    1982 – Sections in workshop, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Sofia, Bulgaria;
             - Moscow, Russia;
    1983 – Space – act and metaphor, Museum of the Village, Bucharest;
             - 16 sculptors from Măgura, Buzău Galleries;
             - Belgrade, Serbia;
    1984 - Budapest, Hungary;
    1985 - Rotterdam, Holland;
             - Milano, Italy;
             - Sofia, Bulgaria;
             - Spain;
    1986 - 1992 - Formosa, Spain;
                        - Vienna, Austria;
                        - Budapest, Hungary;
                        - Seville, Spain;
    1991 - 51 Romanian contemporary artists, Artexpo Gallery, Bucharest;
    1993 – National Museum of Belgrade, Serbia;
    1996 – Triennial Drawings by sculptors, Budapest, Hungary;
    1999 - 51 contemporary artists, Artexpo Galleries, Bucharest;
    2004 - Belgrade, Serbia;
             - Sofia, Bulgaria;
             - Vienna, Austria;
             - Berlin, Germany;
             - Strasbourg, France.
    1985 – Prize at the contest for Drawing and Sculpture Amici del Pomero, Milano, Italy;
    1997 - Constantin Brâncuși Prize for sculpture;
             - Prize at the National Salon of Art, Reșița, Caraș-Severin;
    1999 – Prize of the Plastic Artists Union for ambient art;
             - Dantesca Gold Medal, Ravenna, Italy;
    2005 - Prize of the Plastic Artists Union for Sculpture.


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