ADAM, Gheorghe



        Gheorghe Adam's sculptures belong to figurative / symbolic sculpture focusing on anthropomorphic reality. Intermediate between conceptualism and expressionism, he explores the drama resulted from the confrontation between the human being and matter, between the human being and delusion, between human being and history. He builds crowds/groups and intricate spatial situations, both narrative and metaphorical.
Constantin Prut



    (Bucharest, Romania, 1950; in the 80s he settles down in USA)

    Academic Studies:
    1970 - 1971 - Certificate Diploma, School of Architectural and Interior Design, Bucharest, Romania;
    1971 - 1975 - Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu", with professor Paul Vasilescu, Bucureşti, România.

    Professional Experience:
    1976 - 1986 - Teaching drawing, modeling, casting and mold making, Romania;
                        - free lance sculptor commissioned portraits and funeral monuments worked in bronze, stone, wood, ceramic, rubber, plaster;
                        - Sculptor, worked for decorative design company and Museum of History Bucharest, Romania;
    1987 - 1989 - Buildings Construction restoration; Byzantine Icons, Rome, Italy;
    1990 - 1992 - N.A.B. Construction, Morristown Grove, PA:
                        - models and molds of gothic ornaments for Harlem College, New York restoration;
    1992 - 1993 - H.M.S. Associate Company, Willow Grove, PA:
                         - Design product and models for toys;
    1993 - 2006 - The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia (where he worked with visiting artists Chris Burden, Miroslav Balka, Ann Hamilton (Venice), Teresita Fernandez, Ugo Rondinone, Kiki Smith (Venice show), Fred Willsom (Venice Bienale);
                         - Developed and Fabricated 3 Fiberglass capsules for Lee Bul’s Traveling Show "Live Forever";
                         - Modeled and fabricated artwork for Mona Hatum: “Entrails Carpet” and “Untitled (Brain)”;
                         - Worked with Anish Kapor in London and Atlanta;
                         - Zadora Company, New York, Seattle, Canada: sculpture models, figurative and ornamental, large and small dimensions;
                         - G.R.G. Technology Inc. Malvern, PA;
                         - Modeled a 6’/3’ diameter figurative chandelier for Disney World Theater, New York; sculpture model for decorative, figurative, animal and (Casino in Atlantic City);
    2001 - Wayne Art Center, PA, Teaching Sculpture and Mold making.

    Member of International Sculpture Center (1995 - 2003)
    Member of Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA (1992 - 2006)
    Member of Romanian Fine Arts Union (since 1977)


    Solo Exhibitions:
    1983 - German Cultural Center, București, România;
    1983 - "House of Art" Gallery, Bucureşti, România;
    1984 - "House of Art" Gallery, București, România;
    1987 - Accademia di Romania / Romanian Academy, Roma, Italia;
    2000 - East-West Gallery, Romanian Cultural Institute, New-York.
    Group Exhibitions:
    1976 - "Arts Amphitheatre" Gallery, Bucureşti, România;
    1976 - 1989 - he participates in the annual exhibitions organised by Romanian Fine Arts Union;
    1977 - Studio '35, "Orizont" Gallery, Bucureşti, România;
    1978 - Annual Republican Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, "Dalles" Art Gallery, București, România;
    1980, 1981, 1982 - Small Sculpture, "Friedrich Schiller" Cultural House, Bucureşti, România;
    1982 - "Simeza" Gallery, Bucureşti, România;
             - Belgrade, Yugoslavia;
    1983 - French Institute, Bucureşti, România;
             - "House of Art" Gallery, București, România;
    1992 - Figurative Clay, The Clay Studio Gallery, Philadelphia PA, USA;
             - Easter European Ceramic, Clay Studio Gallery, Philadelphia. Travelling show (1992 - 2000) to Baltimore, Maryland, Hawaii, Atlanta, Georgia;
    1993 - Mirror of the Mind, Dolgenos, Newman & Corin, New York, USA;
    1994 - Clay Studio 20th Anniversary, Philadelphia PA;
    1995 - City Hall, Philadelphia PA, USA;
    1996 - The Clay Studio Gallery, Philadelphia PA, USA;
    1998 - The Clay Studio Gallery, Philadelphia PA, USA;
    1999 - International House, Washington D.C., USA.;
    2002 - Pfizer Europe, USA Touring Presentation.
    Sculpture Symposiums / Residencies / Camps: 

    1976 - Măgura, Buzău, România;
    1977 - Arcuş, Sfântu Gheorghe, România;
             - Moneasa, Arad, România;
    1982 - Costineşti, Constanța, România;
    1985 - Burgàs, Bulgaria;
    1992, 1994 - Clay Studio, Philadelphia.

    Awards and Prizes:
    1983 - 1984 - "The best young sculptor of the year", Romanian Fine Arts Union Award;
    1985 - "The First Prize with Medal", awarded by International Sculpture Competition, for Manole sculpture (white marble, 8 x 6 x 8), Burgàs, Bulgaria;
    1994 - PCA Fellowship, ennsylvania Council on the Arts.


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