The artist makes use of different artistic behaviours in order to compose her social and critic comment and to promote feminist concepts and ideas. She creates paradoxical and outrageous objects by combining biological and mechnical parts which have a ready-made statute (Eviscerated Chicken and Lathe) or constructs complex interactive ambients which promote the concept of communication. Her discourse is concise, provocative and explicit while retaining a sort of connotative tension and complexity. She uses common, every-day materials which point to the ephemeral and consumist character of today’s civilisation but also uses projections of dematerialized images (photo slides, film).

Alexandra Titu



    (Constanța, 1956)

    Academic studies:
    1994 - Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest;
    1995 – Fine Arts Union Scholarship, painting - Youth Section, 

    Member of the Fine Arts Union of Romania;
    International Association of Artists/UNESCO – AIAP;
    AICA – International Association of Art Critics
    Member of the group "2D" (1993-1997).


    Group and collective exhibitions:
    1989 - The Biennale of Student Film, Studio Hall, Bucharest;
    1990 - National Art Salon ARTexpo, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest;
    1991 - Mozart’s Sex, ARTexpo, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest; curator: Calin Dan
             - ’91 Crisis, Festival of Student Film, Eforie Hall, Bucharest;
             - BOOK, Museum of Collections, Bucharest, curator Roxana Trestioreanu;
             - ART’91, Forum Hotel, Costineşti;
    1992 - Youth Salon - ARTexpo, ¾, Gallery, Bucharest;
             - National Graphics and Decorative Art Salon - ARTexpo, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Painting and Sculpture Municipal Salon - ARTexpo, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest;
    1993 - Installation, Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Bucharest;
             - From object to Engraving, Podul Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Impact Art Festival ’93, Kyoto;
             - MMSVRAOCC, Orizont Gallery;
             - National Salon for Young Art, Bath College of Higher Education, Bath, England;
    1994 - Impact Art Festival ’94, Kyoto;
             - Contemporary Romanian Art, Moscow;
             - Essay in Comparative Art, Naţional Art Museum, Bucharest, curators/ organisators: Paul Vasilescu, Ion Nicodim, Ion Grigorescu;
             - Parallel Conversations, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest;
            - Student Fest, Timişoara;
            - Municipal Salon - ARTexpo, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest;
    1995 - Codex, Naţional Cultural Center Mogoşoaia, Bucharest, curator: Roxana Trestioreanu;
             - CODEX-/author’s book, Amsterdam /Netherlands, Romanian Ministry of Culture, The National Office for Documentation and Art Exhibitions, curator: Roxana Trestioreanu;
             - Neo Traditionalism/ Neo Avantgarde - Atelier ’35, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest, curator: Erwin Kessler;
             - Us and the Outsider / The Outsider and Us, Căminul Artei Gallery, Atelier 35, Bucharest;
             - Weakness - Power - Atelier ’35, Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest;
             - BOOK, ¾ Gallery, ARTexpo, Bucharest, curator Roxana Trestioreanu;
             - Romanian Art, Olanda;
    1996 - The Body of Spirit/The Spirit of the Body, Căminul Artei Gallery, Atelier ’35, Bucharest, curator: Erwin Kessler;
             - 2D / Parallel Conversations, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Container ’96 - Art Across Oceans, Copenhaga, Denmark, curator Charlotte Sabroe;
             - A Window to the East/Una Finestra sull Est, San Filippo Neri Gallery, Torino, Italy, curators: Rita Marchiori, Ruxandra Balaci;
             - Spacevision, WTC Plaza, World Trade Center Bucureşti, curator: Erwin Kessler;
             - Teethed Sun,¾ Gallery, National Theater Bucharest, curator: Erwin Kessler;
             - Romanian Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia, Romanian Ministry of Culture, The National Office for Documentation and Art Exhibitions, curator: Aurelia Mocanu;
    1997 - The Anti-Museum, Atelier ’35, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, curator Horea Avram;
             - Art and Ecology, META Cultural Foundation, Bucharest, curator: Romelo Pervolovici;
             - DER GRUNE PUNKT, Atelier 35, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest, curator: Horea Avram;
             - Projetto 2000, Palazzo Bricherasio Gallery, Torino, Italy;
    1998 - Process Space Festival, Balchik /Bulgaria, curator: Dimitar Grozdanov;
             - Bucharest Art Salon, Dalles Hall Bucureşti, Fine Arts Union of Romania, curator, Adrian Guţă;
             - Object, Târgovişte Art Gallery, curator: Simona Tănăsescu
    1999 - Contemporary Romanian Art, Munchen, Romanian Ministry of Culture, The National Office for Documentation and Art Exhibitions, curator: Adrian Guţă;
             - Mobile Atelier, Eforie Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Ephemeral Art Festival WTC Plaza, World Trade Center Bucharest, curator Alexandra Titu;
             - de-Composition, Cultural Center APOSTU Bacau, Romanian Academy, curator: Alexandra Titu;
             - Tramp Creation, META Cultural Foundation, Bucharest, curator Maria Manolescu, Romelo Pervolovici;
             - Social Art/ The Tip, Atelier 35, Gallery Eforie, Bucharest, curator Horea Avram;
    2000 - In full dress, Brukental Museum Sibiu, Kultur Kontakt Austria, Ministry of Culture, curator: Liviana Dan;
    2001 - Illusory Paradises, META Cultural Foundation, Bucharest;
            -  Romanian Art Exhibition, The Center for Contemporary Art - Varset, Yugoslavia; /part of the cultural exchange programme between Romania and Yugoslavia;
             - Process Space Festival, Russe, Bulgaria, curator: Dimitar Grozdanov;
             - The Dream of My Life – Balkanic Contemporry Art Biennale, National Art Gallery, Sofia/Bulgaria, curators: Iskta Trajanova, Elena Panaiotova;
    2004  - Homeopathic Experiment, Cărtureşti Bookstore, Bucharest, curator Alexandra Titu;
    2005 - BRUT 05, Centrul Cultural German-Palatul Episcopal Sibiu, curator Liviana Dan;
    2007 - Past and present, Central European University, OSA Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, curator: Jutta Vinzent;
             - Natural sound aroundUrban Surroundings, Sibiu - European Cultural Capital 2007, Bucharest Meta Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Culture, public space - from June to September, Sibiu;
    2008-2009 - Overcoming Dictatorship, intinerant exhibition: Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Cech Republic, curator Jutta Vinzent;
    2009 - Daily invalid corruption (1995-2008) eveniment “Overcoming Dictatorship”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, December 2009-January 2010, curator Jutta Vinzent;
    2012 - FEMART, Visual Arts Center, Art House Gallery, Bucharest, coord.: Romana Mateiaș, Marilena Preda Sânc;
             - Silence, The Black Mountain College Phenomenon JOHN CAGE AND HIS ART, Triade Gallery Timișoara; 
    2013 - Silence, The Black Mountain College Phenomenon JOHN CAGE AND HIS ART, UNArte Gallery, Bucharest;

    Installation, scenography, costume work:
    2001 - Ballet Gala, December, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, directing Razvan Mazilu (plant designers and plant foyer);          -                WOYZECK – Trilogy of Style Lucia Sturza Bulandra Theater , Bucharest (ground and first floor foyer installation);
               - WOYZECK – Trilogy of Style - International Theatre Festival / Sibiu Events Scholarship, overhead Dragos Galgoţiu, choreography Vava Stefanescu (scenography, costumes, plant);
    2002 - la douăşpe’ trecute fix, Ballet Theatre "Oleg Danovski" Constanta, directing and choreography Adina Caesar (scenery and costumes);  
           - Ballet Gala, March, Odeon Theatre Bucharest, director Dragos Galgoţiu, (scenographic installation);
    2005 - Miss from Amherst scenario William Luce, directed by Moshe Yassur, Very Small Theatre Bucharest Theatre "Maria Filotti" Braila (scenery and costumes);

    1991 - Playful colours, video-experiment, Costineşti;
    1992 - The Joy of Colours, Bucharest;
    1997 - Periferic, Performance festival, Iaşi, curator: Matei Bejenaru;
    1999 - Mobil Studio (with Cati Orbulescu), as part of the Romanian Contemporary Art exhibition, Munchen
    2001 - Inner Flight, part of the “Ballet Gala”, staged by Răzvan Mazilu, Odeon Theater lobby, Bucharest;

    1994 - Young Artist’s Award, Municipal Salon.

    National Museum of Contemporary Art of Romania;
    Palazzo Bricherasio Contemporary Collection, Torino;
    Contemporary Art Collection, Art Gallery, Balchik;
    Art Museum, Russe;
    Works in private collections: Romania, Israel, Italy, Canada, Greece, U.S.A..
    Artist’s writings:
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