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His small sculpture, like his monumental one (which usually turns into installation and ambient) relates by various expressive means the common referential field to the astrologic symbolism. From the fantastic expression and densely imaginary of the bronzes he moves on to monumental works, where he uses a purified expression, in which the geometry and formal simplification cite elements of old symbolic architectures. The ambient and the installation realised by means and materials specific to sculpture retrace the same programme as the symbolic architecture.  

Alexandra Titu



    (Siliștea Gumești, Teleorman, 1953)
    Academic studies:
    1979 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture Section, Bucharest.

    Member of the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists
    Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques


    Solo exhibitions (selection):
    1999 – Ministry of Culture Rotunda, Bucharest;
             - National Theatre, Bucharest (D.A.);
             - ¾ Gallery, National Theatre, Bucharest (with Vasilica Chifu) (D.A.).
    Group exhibitions (selection)*:
    1988, 1990, 1992, 2003 – Sculpture International Biennale, Legnano, Italy;
    1989 – International Exhibition of Miniature Art (drawing), Toronto, Canada;
    1990 – Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, Aerdt, Holland;
    1991 – International Exhibition of Sculpture, Legnano, Italy:
             - International Biennale of Graphics, Gyor, Hungary;
    1994 – Biennale of sculptural drawings, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary;
    1999 – Anixis International Art Gallery, Baden, Switzerland;
             - Exhibition of Sculpture, Athens, Greece;
             - Zürich, Switzerland;
    2000 - Doue la Fontaine Itinerant Exhibition, Saumur International Biennale, La Baule-Escoublac, France;
    2001 – Exhibition of sculpture, Galerie du triangle, Lyon, France;
             - International Biennale of Sculpture, Toyamura, Japan;
             - Biennale of Sculpture, Hualien, Chinese Republic;
             - Anixis International Art Gallery International Exhibition, Baden, Switzerland;
             - International Exhibition of Sculpture, Knokke, Belgium;
    2003 - International Exhibition of Sculpture, Miyazaky, Japan;
    2005 - International Biennale of Sculpture, Toyammura, Japan;
    2007 - International Exhibition of Sculpture, Prefecture Museum Gifu, Seki-City, Japan;
             - International Exhibition of Sculpture, Tudela de Duero, Spain;
    2008 - International Exhibition of Monumental Sculpture, MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico;
    2009 - Taipei and taichung City International Exhibition of Sculpture, Chinese Republic;
    2011 - International Exhibition of Sculpture in open space, Wuxi, Chinese Popular Republic;
    2012 – Taichung International Exhibition of Sculpture, National Art Museum  of Taiwan, Chinese Republic.

    1985 - Babadag, Tulcea;
    1986 - Covasna;
             - Oarba de Mureș;
    1997 - Woerden, Holland;
    1999 - Bucharest;
    2000 - Fuente Palmera, Spain;
             - Guilin, China;
             - Caldas da Rainha, Portugal;
             - St. Blasien, Germany;
    2003 - Verona, Italy (D.A.);
    2008 - Arrone, Italy (D.A.);
    2010 - Luxemburg (D.A.).

    Monumental works:
    1985 – Sky and nest (chalk), 600x320x260 cm, Babadag;
    1986 - Galaxy (granite), 450x220x150 cm, Covasna;
    1996 - Fragment (chalk), 660x360x310 cm, Oarba de Mureș;
    1999 – Millenary roads (marble), 240x230x160 cm, Bucharest;
    2000 – The Pure Spirits Temple (marble), 1500x500x310 cm, Guilin, Chinese Popular Republic;
             - Song of the Universe (wood), 360x65x45 cm, St. Blasien, Germany;
             - Message for the other world (marble), 340x250150 cm, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal;
             - The embrace (chalk), 200x100x100 cm, Fuente Palmera, Spain;
    2001 – Towards the heart of the world (marble), 650x430x320 cm, Pitești, Prahova;
             - Porcelain Stars (chalk),120x60x60 cm, Montbrison, France;
    2002 – Spiritual Kiss (granite), 300x200x50 cm, Baden, Switzerland;
             - My Sky (travertine), 270x260x250cm, Castelraimondo, Italy;
    2003 - Awaiting (freestone), 200x100x100 cm, Baden, Switzerland;
             - Angels Mountain (wood), 188x90x63 cm, Pontedera, Italy;
             - Via pax (marble), 200x70x60 cm, Verona, Italy;
    2004 – Flight Fairy (wood), 380x60x50 cm, St. Blasien, Germany;
             - Good-bye (Carrara marble), 300x110x100 cm, Castelraimondo, Italy;
             - Places under the Sky (wood), 1500x1500x500 cm, Oliveira de Azemeis, Aveiro, Portugal;
    2005 – Time Radiography (marble), 300x140x65 cm, International Festival of Stone Sculpture, Haulien, Chinese Republic;
    2006 – Home on Planet Q (granite), 260x115x60 cm, Hyuga, Japan;
             - Star Thought (granite), 320x230x210 cm, Icheon, South Korea;
             - Imprints of Lost Worlds (Carrara marble), 225x83x73 cm, Castelraimondo, Italy;
    2007 – Imprint of a Lost World (black marble), 200x110x100 cm, Monterrey, Mexico;
    2008 – Star-monument (chalk), 950x250x80 cm, Hinojosa del Duque, Spain;
             - Limit of the Universe (dolomite), 300x250x65 cm, Korca, Albania;
             - Detaglio piovasco (travertine), 600x70x25 cm, Korca, Albania;
    2009 – Universal Travel (Carrara marble), 400x265x85 cm, Castelraimondo, Italy;
    2010 - Filostella (Carrara marble), 150x80x50 cm, International Symposium in Oulx (Torino), Italy;
             - Symbiosis (wood), 160x75x75 cm, Luxemburg;
    2011 – Secret Revealed (marble), 200x115x115 cm, Benq, Beypo, Chinese Popular Republic;
             - Traveller’s Shapes (wood), 200x60x50 cm, St. Blasien, Germany;
             - The Pair at the Centre of the Wolrd (marble), 300x120x60 cm, Miroși, Argeș;
             - Praise to Life (dolomite), 600x70x25 cm, Korca, Albania;
    2012 - Ruin Z (marble), 320x90x90cm, Benq, Chinese Popular Republic;
             - The Ruin (marble), 280x90x80cm, Istanbul, Turkey.

    1988 – Gold Medal, Ravenna, Italy;
             - Special Mention, Revenna, Italy;
    1990 – Gold Medal at Mon Art International  - Firenze, Ravenna, Italy;
    1992 – Prize of the Presidential Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, Ravenna;
             - Bronze Medal for Innovation, Ravenna, Italy;
    1997 – Third Prize at the International Symposium of Stone Sculpture, Woerden, Holland;
    2000 – First Prize at the International Symposium of Stone Sculpture, Fuente Palmera, Spain;
             - First Prize at the International Symposium of Sculpture, St. Blasien, Germany;
    2003 - Il signalazione di merito, Biennale of Sculpture in Ravenna, Italy;
             - Third Prize at the International Symposium of Stone Sculpture, Verona, Italy;
    2004 – Prize for the Best interpretation, St. Blasien, Germany;
    2005 – The Big Prize at the International Biennale of Sculpture, Toyamura, Japan;
    2006 – Second Prize at the International Symposium of Sculpture, Icheon, South Korea;
    2007 - Constantin Brâncuși Prize, Romanian Ministry of Culture, Craiova, Dolj;
    2011 – Medal and Diploma for Honorary Member by the Musicians Union of Romania.

    *1980 – he takes part in most of the republican exhibitions of sculpture and graphics in Romania.


    Titu, Alexandra (coord.), Un secol de sculptură românească. Dicționar A-D, Colecția SINTEZE, Editura META, 2001, pp. 116 - 118.
    50 Contemporary Romanian Sculptors, catalog, editat de Chambers of Fine Arts of Greece, 1999.

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