After a period of experiments with figurative sculpture, showing an explicit implication in the human reality, the artists displays an increased preoccupation for the analysis of volumes, understood both in their purely formal evolution and in their spatial determinations marked ever more visibly by rational processes. The shapes lose their details in order to maintain their durable essence, belonging to the geometric repertoire. His options are best illustrated in the works displayed in symposia, where the abstract structures or those which engage object references (in The Wedding Bed for Two Trees at Oloron, France, an oversized domestic piece of furniture transferred in the landscape) establish harmonious relations with the pre-existing natural elements.
Constantin Prut



    (Bucharest, 1935)

    1962 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, with professor Cornel Medrea, Bucharest.

    1983 - 1985 – Scholarship-workshop at „Cité Internationale des Arts“, Paris, France;
    1990 - 1991 - Scholarship-workshop at Mannheim, Germany.
    1968 – Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania
             - Member of Association Internationale des Artistes Plastiques
    Member of The French Cultural Solidarity
    Honorary Member of the Art Academy in Madrid
    Member of Logos Group, Sculptures Gallery, Paris


    Solo exhibitions:
    1968, 1971, 1974, 1982, 1993 – Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;
    1970 – Gaeta Gallery of Modern Art, Italy;
    1984 - Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France;
             - Elancourt County Gallery, France;
    1985 – Nora Gallery, Heilbron, Germany;
             - Dresdenner Bank, Vinnenden, Germany;
             - Société Française de Production Paris, France;
    1989 – Romanian Cultural Centre in Paris, France;
    1991 - Kulturzentrum Mannheim, Germany.

    Group exhibitions:
    Since 1962 he takes part in the National Salons of the Plastic Artists Union, Bucharest;

    1970 – International Biennale of Sculpture, Pagani Foundation, Milano, Italy;
    1971 – The Salon of Young Sculpture, Paris, France;
    1981 – Itinerant exhibition in the Scandinavian countries;
    1983 – International Sculpture Biennale, 6th  edition, Ravenna, Italy;
    1984, 1985 – International exhibition organized by Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France;
    1984 – Independents Salon, Grand Palais, Paris, France;
             - Young Painting Salon, Grand Palais, Paris, France;
             - Homage to Balzac, Sculptures Gallery, Paris, France;
             - Contemporary Art, Château Puyguilhem, France;
    1985 – International Centre of Contemporary Art, Nations Salon, Paris, France;
             - Exhibition of Romanian Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, Germany;
             - Second International Exhibition of Small Sculpture, Pagani Foundation, Milano, Italy;
             - Cannes International Biennale, 10th edition, France;
             - France-Expo International Biennale, Second edition, Deauville, France;
             - 15th International Salon organized by the Michelangelo Foundation, Corsica, France;
    1986 – 15th International Salon of Contemporary Art in Nice, France;
    1987 – International Exhibition of Sculpture, Olympic Centre, Seul, South Corea;
    1990 - Arcrea 90 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Henry Crews Foundation, France;
             - International Salon of Contemporary Sculpture, Paris, France;
    1991 – Exhibition at the Cultural Centre of Madrid, Spain;
    1992 – Romanian Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain;
    1998 - Dante in Romania, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Hallein Salon of small sculpture, Austria;
    2007 – Salon of small sculpture, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2008 – Visual Arts Salon, Modern Art Museum, Galați;
             - Art Salon, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    2010 - lemn.ro, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest;
    2012 – Salon of Engraving and Sculpture, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest.

    1978 - Bow, Covasna;
    1979 -  Vertical horizon, Măgura Buzăului;
    1980 - Ana (representation of the Manole Hurdler legend), Hobița, Gorj;
    1981 - Brăila;
    1982 - Săliște, Sibiu;
    1983 – International Symposium of Sculpture, Hoyerswerda, Germany;
    1984 - International Symposium of Sculpture, Carrara, Italy;
             - International Symposium of Sculpture, Fanano, Italy;
    1985 - Tescani, Bacău;
             - International Symposium of Sculpture, Lindabrunn, Austria;
    1986 - International Symposium of Sculpture, Pognana Lario, Como, Italy;
             - International Festival of Sculpture in Aubagne, France;
    1986 , 1987, 1988 – International Symposium in Seul, South Korea (for the upcoming Olympic Games in 1988);
    1989 - International Symposium of Sculpture in Digne-les-Baigns, France;
    1990 - International Symposium of Sculpture, Oloron, France;
    1991 - International Symposium of Sculpture Madrid – European Cultural Capital 1992, Madrid, Spain;
    1992 – International Symposium, Adnet, Salzburg, Austria;
             - Sibiu;
    1995 – International Symposium, Maalot, Israel;
    2000 - International Symposium of Sculpture, Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
             - International Symposium of Sculpture, Iliedentici, Bulgaria;
    2001 - Carrara, Italy;
    2002 - Donnersberg, Germany;
    2007 - St. Blasien, Germany;
    2008 - International Symposium of Sculpture, Verona, Italy;
             - Blaj, Alba;
             - Negreşti-Oaş.

    Monumental works:
    1987 - Opening, Seul Olympic Park.

    1983 – Honorary Diploma at the International Sculpture Biennale in Ravenna, 6th edition, Italy;
    1985 – Third Prize for Sculpture at the Frans-expo International Biennale, Deauville, France;
             - Special Jury Mention at the Cannes International Biennale, 10th edition, France;
             - Golden Medal by the National Federation of the French Culture;
             - Prize for Sculpture at the International Salon of the Michelangelo Foundation, 15th edition, Corsica, Italy;
             - The Silver Cross for French merit and devotion;
    1986 – First Prize for Sculpture at the  International Symposium in Pognana Lario, Como, Italy;
             - Honorary Diploma at the first Sculpture International Festival in Aubagne, France;
    1991 – Prize of the Plastic Artists Union for monumental sculpture;
             - Honorary Member of the Art Academy in Madrid, Spain;
    1992 – Collective Prize for Ambient Sculpture granted by the Plastic Artists Union;
    1996 – The Prize for Sculpture at „Grand Prix”, Nice, France;
    2000 – National Order for Merit as Commander, by presidential decree;
    2001 – Third Prize at the Millennium Art Salon, Bucharest.


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