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Str. Mircea cel Bătrân, nr. 5, Galați


Interested in the human features, Silviu Catargiu combines in his works discrete folkloric allusions, both in the way he stylizes shapes, and in the symbolic suggestions he unravels (Bride, Aurora, Ballad, Girl with Flower, Music etc.). The hieratical element in his feminine characters reveals something close to the archaic fronts – not lacking moral connotations – and is attenuated by the elegant curves that define ample, essentialised volumes. The preference for the purity of the forms is correlated with a true understanding of the plasticity of the material, whose careful processing sustains the restrained lyricism expressed by his works. Verticality and ascension also dominate the monumental works he made in Galati, works which, by the rhythm dynamics and a harmonious dialogue with the environment become plastic metaphors of flight and the aspiration towards heights.
Mariana Tomozei Cocoș



    (Capul Codrului, Suceava, 1939)
    Academic studies:
    1959 - 1965 - „Ion Andreescu” Institute of Fine Arts, with professor Romul Ladea, Cluj-Napoca.
    Member of the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists


    Since 1966 he participates at National Exhibitions and Salons of the Plastic Artists Union, Galați Branch.

    1972 – Măgura Sculpture Camp, Buzău;
    1976, 1977, 1991 – Camps for Sculpture in metal, Galați;
    2003 – Camps for Sculpture in wood, Galați.

    Monumental works of art:
    1967 - Bachus (stone), Focșani, Vrancea;
    1972 - Aurora (stone), Măgura, Buzău;
    1976 – Water Bird (metal), Danube Quay, Galați;
    1977 – Flight Calling (metal), Danube Quay, Galați;
    1980 - Vasile Alecsandri (trunk, stone), Braniștea, Galați;
    1989 - Icar (stainless steel), Museum of Visual Arts park, Galați;
    1991 - In memoriam (metal), Galați;
    1999 - Petru Rareș (bust, bronze), Cuca, Galați;
    2003 - Prayer (marble), Galați.

    1992 – Hyperion Prize, Galați;
    2004 – Cultural Merit class 1 Medal, Bucharest.


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